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Monday, March 29, 2010

red pepper on a purple ground

After all I was born a graphic designer - gotta get some typography in there

Yesterday afternoon I partook in another (Shut Up!) art workshop at this village's fabulous café and overall best darn meeting place. Sunday's workshop was titled Be Bold With Colour and for me it was subtitled Be Bold With Social Situations. Two workshops in 2 weeks for the socially phobic. Boldness seems to be oozing from my socially scaredy cat pores. I had such fun being bold with colour and more. I faced my imaginary demon front on, and oh how very small it was. Actually so small and insignificant you could barely see it. Such a relief. I brought a new friend along with me and she boldly discovered, or actually was reminded, that she has a brilliant (and I mean gaspingly so) skill and talent for drawing beautifully intricate and slightly quirky drawings.

MLou, all round best friend & most excellent coach, reminds me often how boldness becomes me. She gives to me much confidence to continue on with this journey of stepping out, little by little and lately ... leap by leap, up and out of the tight, tattered and worn box I've been hiding in.

An update of sorts - my hunting expedition was a huge success I am a skilled and experienced hurt hunter. I stumbled around for a day or two deep in the bush, off of the path, finding tiny shining new hurts everywhere, I picked them like berries. Home safe again I dumped them out on the floor, on the thick red rug in the living room near the fire, so that I could really examine them. As I picked each one up, turning them over in my hands, looking very closely - every one of them had magically turned into happiness and love, security and safety ... imagine that ?

song happily stuck in my head this early morning by Canadian cool band Great Lake Swimmers


  1. I want to see a graphic of your tiny little demon.

  2. .

    B. above please find graphic representation (magnified 20X) of les big, bad & tres intimidating demon xo S (and les Gang of course)

  3. ooooohhh, look at you being bold. Love the pepper.

  4. Great pepper! & good beat for my mom to run with. Tail Wags,

  5. snort - that's the attitude.

    As for your Hurt Hunter activities, may I suggest a Catch & Release Program?

  6. I think you should give up all that pointless hunting, and go for being bold, myself..... much more fun! x

  7. Did the hurts just go away, or did you do something to help them go away? What gave you the strength to stand up to them and leap out?

  8. Martha ... the thing with the hurts that I hunt & gather are that they are almost always created in my own little head - tiny bits of historic based fiction "seemingly" come to life in my here and now. Assumptions based mostly on figments and poorly gathered information, tossed together with a large imagination and thoughts at times bordering on paranoia ... Hurt seeks same. When I decide that the love I feel is bigger and braver than my hurt(s) - the tables are instantly turned and love comes hunting me.

    That said it is a daily, sometimes hourly struggle to chase those hurts away. Have you read Eckhart's book A New Earth ? - it's "all" in that book.
    xo S & les Gang

  9. I love the imagery of hurts turning into happiness when examined in comfort... beautiful.


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