Wednesday, March 17, 2010

midday harbour blues

Miss Dixon and I are just about to head out into another breathless, warm, big, blue sky day.
Thank you all for such loving comments and condolences - it means so much to all of us.


  1. The walk will be good!
    Tail Wags to All.

  2. Look at that ice!

    Hope Winnie D is ok?

  3. Holding more thoughts of comfort for you all...

  4. Susan and the gang,

    So sorry to hear this about sweet Sunny Bunny. I'm glad that the last months of her life were spent with you and the wonderful big love you gave to her...even if for a brief time. Things have a way of working out like that with our pooches. I once adopted a very large and old retriever and gave her what I called the "senior citizens home" with me. Her time was brief also...but much longer than the doc's anticipated. I think she survived longer on love. As did your Sunny Bunny.
    love to you all,
    karen and maggie

  5. Susan, I am late catching up with this sad news. I am so very sorry.The harbour must look beautiful this morning. I hope it helps to breathe in the beauty. You were all so wonderful to Piper Belle.

  6. aahhh we are sorry...
    Beautiful pictures. Where is spring
    Benny & Lily

  7. Dear Susan, I don't tune in often but when I do, it's often some intuitive call. And how heart-breaking this new entry is...
    I'm sorry to have never met sweet Piper Belle. She was another lottery winner in Cumberland County and I hope will rest easy in the company of so many well-loved pets of yours. Here's to them all this evening; brilliant stars, each: Ernst, Em, Jake, LuLu and now sweet Piper Belle.
    my love to you,

  8. So sorry about your sweet, sweet pooch, Susan.


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