Friday, March 19, 2010

daffodils - polaroids from les photo archives

The weather here has been glorious. I swear it feels like we're a month ahead of schedule. The ice is practically gone from the harbour, the days have been warm and springlike and the sky still, blue and clear day after day ... Last night as Missy D and I took our bedtime stroll along the harbour the horizon still faintly glowing orange, the stars just beginning to twinkle and glow and a sharp crescent moon hanging low above the water I looked up into the sky, sighed a big deep contented sigh and said thank you !

Thank you for this life I live here in this incredibly beautiful and peaceful place.
Thank you for this amazing partner in crime and love that I have stumbled upon.
Thank you for the animals that have that shared this home, that have loved and lived here.

Oh ... we miss PB, her domain throughout the day was always the living room sofa, stretched out and comfy. This week whenever I've gone downstairs for something ... to throw a log on the fire or to make a cup of tea, of course I'd forget - she's not there anymore. Sweet Piper Belle we love you and we miss you.

This morning as I sit typing here at the TTD* Buddha boy is perched beside me basking in the glow of my desk lamp as he so likes to do. Winnie Dixon is under my desk on her bed, in her office, snoring soundly and we're waiting for the sun to come up before we go for our morning walk. There's not a breath of wind, the harbour's like glass and I'll want to take my camera this early morning.

*TTD - teak topped desk


  1. Lovely post. Have a wonderful day.

  2. The daffodils give us hope!! It is snowing here to welcome in spring tomorrow. Tail Wags to All.

  3. Somewhere PB is playing in a meadow filled with sweet daffodils and dancing butterflies and waiting for the day when she will be joined again by the beautiful brown hound and all the rest of her earthly family. I look at her picture, nestled deep into that beautiful chair, and celebrate the freedom from pain and discomfort she enjoys today. Miss her.

  4. My post is accidentally on Thursday's page. Sorry.

  5. Hey, have we seen on e of these before on your blog? Looks similar. Equally lovely...and of course daffodils are my fave flowers anyway.


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