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Saturday, March 6, 2010

yellow tulips (last year's crop) from the terracotta gardens of 29 Black Street

V ... is for vignette(s)
V ... is for very happy

Another day drawing here at the *TTD. Things (design things especially) ... they are a cookin'. I'm off to the lands of bubbles & scent (my new fav and another patchouli blend) and then a lovely walk with the sisters as the sun comes up.

chocolate brown guest room


  1. What an awesome picture. mom loves it
    Benny & Lily

  2. This picture required at least 20 minutes of admiration....can't get enough of it! And the paragraph about giving! I really believe you are right! I shall take note and really try to apply it.

    What is the latest house project? We all want to know every detail.

  3. Very soothing that photo.

  4. that is such an incredible photo..and its from your house. I love that.

    BTw, V is for the V show, coming back in two weeks.


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