Thursday, March 25, 2010

my most excellent sidekick and best girl Winnie Darn Dixon

Winnie Dixon
She's a dickens
little dickens, a little dixon
Winnie, Winnie, Winnie, Winnie, Winnie, Winnie, Winnie, Winnie ...
Dixon !

A little song I sing to her in the teal wagon when we're out and about doing errands.
Love her forever.


  1. Silly person, Susan! I would NEVER sing to my cats, or recite daft little rhymes about their pink noses or toeses, or show myself up in any way as a big besotted softie - noooooooo I wouldn't!

  2. Thats so silly! Neither would i sing to my cat "Pavel Petunia Blue, i love you too Mr. Blue, i do, do, do" etc.

  3. I adored my cats, just adored them. The Italian guy who lived next door used to rebuke me "You kissa da pussycats - no good!!" Winnie's dear head looks kissable indeed.

  4. I do love Miss Winnie!
    And I sing to Apple all the time. She loves it.

  5. Well, you have gone and let the cat out of the bag....we lovers of furry family members compose sonnets of love to them on a regular basis....I suppose all that is left to say is: now I don't care WHO knows it...I love my fur babies to the ends of the earth and back again! And I love Miss Winnie D, too, yes I do!!!

  6. YOu sing to your beautiful fur babies? Oh my..I would never do that. Nope not me...okay. so I do. All the time. Nighht and day. Just ask them. I sing badly too. Just ask them!

    Oh how I love these photos...



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