pour mon amour

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I love to sit in lamplight or another tough work day for Don (I mean Oliver) here at the TTD*

Oliver wishes to say, pour il amour M. Millie with the Black Nose

as soon as the ice has left the harbour my love
I will be watching for my ship to come in

and I will stow away to be with you at last

until then ...

*TTD - teak topped desk

greetings also to Scooter (in great feline repose above Oliver's head last photo) and les gang.


  1. Gorgeous kitty. What a lovely face, really good pictures. More of that cat please!!

  2. Millie was thrilled. Then she spotted the Chinese 'comment', popped it into Babelfish and found that it was something rather pornographic. Now she is very shocked at Oliver, even though I tried to explain that it wasn't he who posted that comment. He may have to explain himself, I suspect.


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