Saturday, March 13, 2010

shipping crate steel support for a red Honda CL90 Scrambler - vintage 1967

the CCP* (current cowboy project)

A shipping crate for the red Scrambler. A bike the cowboy built from spare parts found mostly on ebay and a bike that currently resides in a garage, living part of a former life, in a city on the edge of the prairies. He'll repeat that same 4000km trek again sometime in April, a trip to tidy up the final remnants of that former life - one of which is to ship his red bike home to Nova Scotia.

And of course what's a handy guy to do ? but to buy a used shipping crate from a local bike shop for 15.00, retreat to your heated (via wood stove) garden shed/shop, pencil out a few measurements and schematics using the Nova Scotia silver Scrambler to determine fit and size. Fire up that much loved steel cutting saw and Voila !! the steel skeleton of a shipping crate he will pack into the back of the motorhome avec la brown hound Bess and off they'll go - central/western Canada bound - sometime in April. This weekend he's building the plywood skin that gets bolted over the steel frame, complete with painted rectangular areas (white of course) for clear & concise labeling and instructions. Be still my heart. I love this man.

Here at 29 Black Street he's got our 100+ year old, stone foundation - basement clean, dry, empty, cat friendly, sparse, energy efficient and generally a hummin'. He's replaced the broken dryer hose and vent in my laundry room (that was my Valentines day present), he's tightened up a few tres drafty areas, moved the thermostat to another room so that now the heat in this house is consistent everywhere instead of the former 3 distinct winter climatic conditions (freezing, very cold & colder) which I endured for - oh, 17 years. He's fixed the leak from my washing machine - the one that had been causing the floor boards to rot - No. 64 on the list of smallish things that have been amiss with this old brick house for ages. and unfortunately any item on that list that came after No. 7 I had pretty thrown my hands up to despair and was most often contemplated going outside to lie on the lawn until someone came to rescue me. Generally speaking, any item on the list after about No. 7 I'd said to myself a resounding F&ck it !! (pardon) I'd said Uncle ! Uncle ! Uncle !

This week he replaced the hand held shower hose with a beautiful stainless steel kink free model and he fixed the vacuum cleaner (a new belt ?!?). Sighing, sighing and more good sighing.

He, the freakin' Prince of All Things Good - he just makes me feel like dancin'
dancin', dancin' dance the night way - I feel like dancin'

come on now... I know ya want to ... sing along with Leo & me

You've got a cute way of talkin'
You've got the better of me ...


  1. Wow. He is a craftsman. You are a talented pair. Imagine the exciting "yard art" you could together. Rock on.

  2. What an utterly COOL bike! You seem so very happy, Susan, it's pretty wonderful and I'm really happy for you :).

  3. cool bike. I bet we could fit in a basket on the handlebars
    Benny & Lily

  4. hmmm, now you'll need a bike too.....

  5. Wow! I am in AAAHHHH. I don't post much but check in daily. This man is brilliant. So happy for you and yours.

  6. That's it! I am coming after him!!

  7. Wow, that last photo is..how shall I say, succinct? Concise? Such a clear statement in itself. I can see how The Cowboy views it as something beautiful because it is! We have Leo Sayer as our own in Australia now. He took out Australian citizenship recently.

  8. Good GRACIOUS!!! He's a heart stopper that one. The photo of his boots kickin' back by the bike in frame is pretty much total coolness.

  9. My goodness gracious! Just catching up on posts I missed from the weekend! Is there ANYTHING he cannot do and to absolute PERFECTION?!!


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