coyote mix

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

our sweet little coyote mix at low tide last November

Piper Belle (aka Sunny Bunny) the sweet little dog that never really had a chance to be - with us anyway. I was reading back in my day planner yesterday to January 27th, I'd written I'm concerned about Piper, she seems to be declining both emotionally and physically. I miss her and I'm so very glad that she got to spend nearly 6 months with us.

Raining and cold here ... a busy day ahead of me drawing good things - things I like, as opposed to things I'm requested to draw that I often do not have a deep affinity with ... such is the territory of the freelance designer ... your wish is my command Madam customer.


  1. Didn't she have a lovely final 6 months of her little life, though! And because dogs live in the moment, she will have loved every day of her time with you. A good thought to hold on to.

    Enjoy your creative day at the desk, Susan!

  2. I love these two pictures, sunlight and darkness. Happy little dog.

  3. Sweet little forever dog....I miss her, too. Her excursions with the beautiful brown hound brought many a smile to my face!

  4. She had such a great life, full of love, with you and your cowboy - that was a six months that most dogs (or people) don't get in a lifetime. Sweet doggie.


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