Wednesday, March 10, 2010

non stop dancin' and other scenes from this mornings' sunshiny early walk avec les sisters

It feels to me like I've been quite quiet here on this blog lately. A little too quiet even for my own liking although you can be sure that there's been no shortage of yakking going on dans la head (of mine). Of course I've been ruminating the reasons there of - Hey ! what's that quiet all about ? well ... I guess I've just been spending my time sortin', thinking, pondering, drawing, cooking, watching lots of movies, snowshoeing, swooning and generally trying to settle in to this new fantastic life of mine avec the cowboy and brown hound Bess - getting used to this new, bold, better life we're all now living ...all of us, our big extended family (3 dogs, 3 cats, 2 people).

I'm slowly just beginning to accept (dare I say) the fact that maybe, just maybe this new wonderful life might be going to stick around awhile and maybe, may be this is my life. I just might let my guard down, take a few deep breaths, allow myself to really relax and say a big ahhhhhhhhhhhh. And, of course, my most giant Merci ! (grateful, grateful, grateful - am I)


  1. That's the spirit, Susan!

    How beautiful your little village and harbour are. Thanks for showing us.

  2. I am happy to hear you sounding happy. And your photos are beautiful.

  3. spring is around the corner
    Benny & Lily

  4. I sense an acceptance, a beginning - Spring is making itself felt.Welcome to a wonderful part of your life! Visualize, with melting snow, the drifting off of any sadness you or The Cowboy ever felt. You can make this happen!So delightful,your world of snowshoes, cooking,design, wagging tales,chocolate and mint colours, cat's whiskers, footprints, and art pens, I love visiting here. Thanks for sharing your village and surrounds.

  5. Thats one beautiful road you've got there Susan. All your photos are really beautiful pics of a beautiful place.
    And now spring is busting out all over too. Its nice to hear and share in your happiness!

  6. Right! The ice is breaking up!(metaphor?) Sometimes it has a few icy days before the thaw, but melt it does!

  7. Oh that's so beautiful. Thank you for that.

  8. "and maybe, may be this is my life."
    --Oh, i do like that. Sweet. Warm wishes to you.

  9. I love visiting here. Thanks for sharing your village and surrounds.
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