another day ...

Monday, June 8, 2009


crows a cawin'
lavender bubbles pouring
coffee just finished brewing
a messy desk soon to be tidied
a beach to be walked on
a day yet to be organized
the sun's not quite up yet
the harbour's quiet & still
yawns and big stretches feel good
drawings to draw
greenhouses to visit
parcels to package up
plans to make
another busy day just begun
at 29 Black Street

and of course ... my most excellent photography assistant


  1. What a poetic list of what you will accomplish at 29 Black Street. I love the composition of the first apricot photo-it looks like a still life...and your assistant is always making the final delightful, Susan. <3

  2. that sounds like a most agreeable day!! more gorgeous photos too.

  3. Awwwwww...LOVE the second picture. SssweeeEEEETtt! =)

    Wishing you THE most beautiful day, sweet sweet Susan.

    Much love to you and the furry gang. xo

  4. Those apricots make my mouth water!
    Hope your day is very productive!

    Hugs to all!

  5. Your day sounds wonderful. I wish I had a beach to walk to.
    And I never tire of seeing photos of your tres handsome assistant.

  6. awwww sweeet Oliver......and such beautiful colours.....

  7. Peaches!! I'm still thinking about that cake from your last post! That's on my bucket list to do.

  8. Photography assistant? Whoa. you got me on that for a sec.

    (BTw, go back in see other comments again. I tend to do that--coe late,read each one adn then leave comments throughout. Yours is not the only blog. I visit us blogs all in mad dashes when able....between projects.)

  9. Happy Day! (well, what's left of it) :D

    Love that crusty chair!

  10. Sweet paws and peaches.

    Are those peaches??

  11. Sounds wonderful Susan...and such an agreeable assistant!

  12. Can't think of a better assistant. More loving you can't find in the want ads...


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