Friday, June 5, 2009

8:30 pm last evening - dining room window

I'm tired. I've stayed up way past my bedtime (of 9pm) nearly every night this week. Life has been feeling full and rich and busy. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous, and our little village is still (thankfully) feeling quiet and sleepy too and not yet in it's full-on summer swing.

Hey ! La Beast Rouge and I took a little spin last evening. The drag about being a perfectionist and having yard help, or any kind of help for that matter, is the Fussy Factor. It may take me a very long while to get around to doing many a household or garden chore but ... when I do, or if I ever do - said chore - of course I have a very specific and detailed manner that I would prefer it to be done. Sigh. Meticulous or bust is kinda my motto (and there's no shortage of bust - fear not). However, I'm not so sure that meticulous is part of a 12 year old boy's vocabulary. Wink. So ... he donned the whipper snipper and Mama pushed la beast rouge around our yard while yelling and gesticulating wildly to him, over the din and sputtering of La's cranked up motor, pointing out the areas that needed to be whipped, snipped & clipped. Sigh. I apologized later to him for being so cranky & fussy (to which he replied you weren't cranky & fussy - phew !). I tried to explain to him how neatness was a virtue when tending lawns (another word not in a 12 year old's book of terms) - Very important I told him and would most definitely help ensure him many repeat customers. 'Tis a bit of a project this one is but one I confess to be enjoying. Patience it seems - is another one of those virtues.

I'm having a massage this afternoon (hooray !) - goodness - part of my much loved and brand new extended health care plan. Look out weekend ... here we come !


  1. So pleased this finds you happy, healthy and busy. I just love all the cards that you have made. Enjoy your massage this afternoon!

  2. Beautiful photos!! Relax this weekend with that much needed massage- you've been working so hard (with awe-inspiring results I might add, after reading your last post) - stunning work Susan, congratulations.Wishing you a beautiful and bright weekend ahead, with lots of birdsong.(12 year olds are also very chirpy don't you think?- a class of them however, downright raucous!!) xxx

  3. A massage sounds dreamy. :) And your 12 year old assistant is too sweet for words. Together you will conquer the back garden! Onward and upward! :)

  4. separated at birth alert!! this whole week ive stayed late (til 12 or 1) trying to finish two paintings -not illustrations -paintings. if i did one more day, id finish but my arm is tired. like you, i can let things go but when i turn my attention to them i too go meticulous with it. enjoy your massage. im jealous!!!!

    (did you do the label yet? i will work on mine this weekend)

    and thanks for the tip on galison. im going to give it a shot. do you have something with them?

  5. The Fussy Factor... my husband has it more than I do. I always have to scurry around and make things meticulous before he comes home from a business trip. Today is that day, he comes home this evening!

    A massage sounds heavenly. Have a great weekend.

  6. Hey Judy, Just so there's no confusion or misleading happening I am a horrible housekeeper - terrible. Just waaaayyyy too many other things on my list of priorities. Most of my Fussy Factor lazes around in my head "but" I will say when I do (and that's rarely) decide to tackle "a" household/garden chore I am pretty meticulous and with my day job/work life I am freakishly so.

    Have a great weekend
    and prepare thyself to rocket !

  7. Susan...

    You on a roll girlie...woot woot..Enjoy your weekend and massage...oh have a massage OMG.

    Sonia ;)

  8. I really like these photos, the way of turning an obstacle into an element of beauty. Nice work.

  9. susan, i always love your photos but these are especially nice!! the combination of the sun, the shadows, the screen and the leaves is so unique.

    housework? you mean we're supposed to clean the house? hee hee

    enjoy your massage!

  10. It all LOOKS and SOUNDS divine! Enjoy your massage AND your weekend! Hugs all around!


  11. Good evening, sweet Susan! Hope you enjoyed your massage. Ahhhhhh - so relaxing!! =)

    As always, love your photos!

    Much love to you and the furry gang! xo


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