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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New York City map - circa 1909 - Cavallini calender

I love old vintage maps & atlases - they amaze me.

After yesterday's spilling of information re: moi I feel unusually quiet here at the teak topped desk this morning. Bubbles and scent are waiting. There's a sweet Dixon snoring under my desk, one eye open a crack just waiting for the word from Mama that it's time to go for our walk. I'm working (a bit of a misdemeanor as it's hardly work) at Harry's shop both today and tomorrow. I have a big stack of technical drawing instructions to mark up on my latest batch of photo frames, a job I'll do at the shop, in between customers. It's been busy, it's been smokin' busy - here at the TTD - would you believe my nether regions are tres sore and achy just from sitting so long in the same position (too much information ?) Sigh. That hardly ever happens. Don't get me wrong, I totally LOVE being busy - busy is always great for my spirit and soul, the busier the better another of my motto's. But I do hate to rush. In my books rushing or that feeling of rushing reads just like anxiety to me and is most often tres counterproductive so I try to avoid it at all costs. Big deep breaths, a neatly penned itinerary (with notes, details and reminders) and strict adherence to les schedule my best and only solution.

That girl's coming for the weekend. Uh Huh MLou - (godsend to this Susan) for another fun filled, gab fest, round of eat-paint-chat or Paintapalooza 3 (distant cousin to the renowned Purgapalooza) - this session we'll tackle my big giant open plan living room/dining room space - currently a deep/pale (uh huh I know an oxymoron) muddy yellow which I am sooooo sick of and we'll be changing that colour to a bright creamy white and ceilings and all trim also white or a slight variation of, 9 windows total in this space) I've yet to choose that white but I have set aside at least an hour to ponder and scrutinize the plethora of beautiful whites found dans la village Hardware Store - and I'll of course be waiting to the very last minute to do that pondering ... Friday morning - I'll attempt that daring designer feat - picking the perfect creamy white. Wink.

Gotta go ... I'm already off les schedule

Yesterday we (Nova Scotians) voted for our provincial premier (like your governor). Big thrilling (to moi) political news an NDP sweep, a big ol' majority government and a historic moment in Canadian politics Uh Huh ! Uh Huh !

ps. taggees please feel no pressure to be tagged. Sometimes I dread a tag (most times) and sometimes I feel like it, and if I like the questions - yesterday was just one of those feel like it kinda days for me.

a bit of a map page from the Collier National Encyclopedia 1932


  1. Yes, I know all about that perfect white. Or the not-so-perfect white. Or the can't-see-any-difference white. Great fun though. Your room will be transformed, and then you'll want to do the rest of the house!

  2. i usually hate tags but i felt like it this time too. so i did it. i like that first map a lot. its just crying for you to paint over it. have a busy productive non anxious day. and yipeeeeee MLou and you and paint can makes two. er,, three. i like "navajo white" looks kinda yellow in the can -but on the wall? pure white warmth. its the kind of white that everybody looks good standing in. know what i mean? i forget who makes it. maybe glidden.

  3. I just 'white paint shopped' myself. After looking at a million whites, I just pointed to one and said "This one." I think it was called something non-white like "Swiss Coffee". But it was just off-white. LOL! Glad you're having your friend over, it makes drudgery all sorts of more fun.

  4. I read about the NDP in Nova Scotia. Voters were looking for a change... hmm, sounds familiar! We can identify.
    Your weekends with MLou sound like so much fun... and so productive, too.

  5. I love vintage maps. The room is going to look great!

  6. Susan....on the Pepper Sauce,
    I just wash and pack the pepper in clean glass jars. Pour the white vinegar over them. When I get all the jars full, I pour vinegar out of jars into pan and heat till boiling. In a sperate pan of boiling water I have my lids.
    Pour the boiling vinegar back over the peppers and put hot lids on and they will seal off. You can do hot peppers or sweet peppers. We like it over all kinds of beans, cabbage and greens. You can also slice jalepenos and do this and use them on Pizza ans burgers.

  7. Suasan....Happy day this weekend...

    Sonia ;)

  8. Came looking for a photo of Susan retrieving a duck. You should try PNW White. It's nice and bright.

  9. I am an atlas fanatic. Love them. And it's funny because my husband was the Geography major. Happy Wednesday.

  10. I wish I were more committed to my list, like you are. Half the time the items never get done on mine. Sigh!

    Good luck with the perfect creamy white - go with your first instinct - at least that is what I would do before I let myself second guess the decision.

  11. Well I never! "Nether regions" and you blog are not two things I thought I'd ever see together. Hahahaha. funny--really!

    congrats on the elections for you. I'm sure you feel it's nice to have your voice counted and mean something this time and thanks fr explaining the position a bit. I had no idea.

    Can't wait to see some hint peeks at your new living room. It';s gogin to be amazing, I jsut know.

    How is the house coming along, btw? Any more showings?


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