Saturday, June 27, 2009

sometimes I think - if I were a painter ...

I'd paint landscapes ... and flowers

Calm & still again today, I see blue skies and pink tinged clouds outside our big open windows this early morning. Several small boats have already left the harbour. The finches are serenading us from a tree nearby - the happy trade off for feeders filled each day with nijer and black hulled sunflower seeds, their favourites - we're most definitely on the winning side of that deal. The 4 day count down is on and a big master list with daily sub-lists must be created today. Mama sure loves a list and a big ol' plan - even if it's often the very loosest of guides it somehow calms me - it's that grand allusion of feeling in control - Hey ! I've gotta plan and a big list to go with it.

Miss D is so used to our photography jaunts that when she hears the musical binging sound of my camera being turned on she instantly stops and sits down wherever she is 'cause she knows we may be awhile. Love her. You may notice that when we walk in town and along the harbour and down onto the crescent beach (which is lined with cottages and summer folk) - Miss Winnie's always on a leash. It's because we're in Cat Country and although she does understand clearly the difference in her own home between a cat and any other small mammal - let's say a muskrat for example, away from home and out in the wilds of this little village and surrounding areas, she cannot be trusted to make the distinction - what can I say she's a terrier mix girl she takes her job very seriously and is always up for a bit of chasin.'

Came across this song yesterday in my travels an old favourite - the version I knew best written by Elvis Costello but sung by Nick Lowe - an old boyfriend hugely influenced my musical tastes, I thought (and still do) that he listened to the coolest music. And Elvis Costello - what a voice and the sound it of takes me right back to those oh so formative years of mine. Wink. & Lucinda Williams - perfect.


  1. i'm wondering if miss winnie stops when she hears the camera come on because she's ready to pose for you?! she is the perfect model, in my mind!

    i keep the bird feeders full as well and attract yellow and purple finches. i love their company in the back yard!

    take care, susan, and hugs to all of you!!

  2. Such amazing pictures, Susan. Winnie fits into this landscape perfectly.

    Both Edward and Apple stay on their leads when we go for walks. Apple especially, like Winnie, has terrier lineage and would take off after a demon squirrel with nary a thought. We do let them off at the beach. Funnily enough, although Edward loves that and runs and runs, Apple hangs pretty close to me as though it is a wee bit too much freedom for her.

    Have a lovely Saturday, all of you!

  3. Hey, maybe I could train my husband to be as patient as Miss D when it comes to picture taking!

  4. Hey Judy aside from Oliver that Missy D is the most excellent and tres patient photo assistant ... and petite poser.

  5. Lovely photos. It's like our shore, except we can throw in a few cliffs and major tides. I love the soft Maritime light.

  6. I really like these pictures! The first one with the glass like water and tuffs of grass... and of course love the one with your dog in the shot!


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