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Saturday, June 20, 2009

oriental poppies

I feel lazy and sleepy this early morning. Missy D, Oliver and I lay on the bed awhile watching the gauzy white curtain on my bedroom window breath in and out on a breeze as gentle as nothing. The air is close* this morning, it's warm & still and there's rain in the forecast. All the windows in this old brick house are wide open, and have been now for weeks - I love that. That feeling as if you're living outside, or in a tree house.

I have a weekend of things to do. I have drawings that must get done and I have more painting to do. Those are the important things - the top of list things. I also want to plant three big pots of zinnia seeds, because I love them - such a cheery happy flower. I need to finish painting my living room/dining room, the trim and lots of it, the window frames and final touch ups of our new creamy white walls. and finally I have the movie Twilight from the library to watch later this evening. What's on your Saturday plan ?

Do without doing, and everything gets done.

*close - a local expression (I think ?) that means humid and mildly oppressive - a heavy blanket of air

handsome "and" talented - quite a combo


  1. Susan, I think the air is close most of the time here in Puerto Rico. I'm up early this morning and find myself a bit too intimate with the there such an expression??? I hope you have a lovely, productive, Zen-zinnia do-without-doing day. <3

  2. I love open windows and gauzy white curtains and the feeling of being in a treehouse.

    We have very close air here, too (and we do use that term here as well).

  3. i love having the windows open as well. my hubbie, not so much. smile! it sounds like you have a busy weekend. today is our "play day" with time in the art room, photos to take, a walk, maybe a bike ride.

    we use the close expression here in the midwest as well. i'm glad to say that it is a bit cool and breezy this morning after a big thunderstorm last night.

    i love that last photo of oliver framed by the poppy stems!!

  4. Beautiful photos! Today I am going to play with paint and see what turns up. We're having a rainy summer's day here, which makes the ka-billion frogs in our pool extremely happy. :)

  5. I think if I don't get my ac fixed on my little shamu-mobile I shall be "close" to mad.

    So how are the lobsters this summer?

  6. Well, not a big agenda today. We always eat lunch out on Saturdays if he isn't at the hospital. Get groceries. Come home and be with the pets and read. Blogs, magazines, books. I'm consumed with news magazines for some reason. I hate TV for the most part, so that's how I catch up on worldly events. Have a wonderful time planting your zinnias. You know, when I plant the seeds, they don't seem to come up for me. I know I'm doing something wrong...

  7. I'm not familar with close air but the air here is hot,humid and stifling!
    Have a great to do or not to do weekend Susan! Love to the les gang!

  8. 'Close' is a common expression here, and is an apt description of air that is a little uncomfortably like having a pillow laid very lightly over one's face! It intensifies with low cloud and thunder too, and aggravates the temper....

    Saturday is almost over for me, and was delightfully spent in a garden centre deep in rolling countryside (with lovely rolling weather!) buying lovely healthy plants for my revamped front garden. Then I and the friends I was with went to sit in their house to drink tea and eat cake. What could be nicer?

  9. I love zinnias, too. Scrabble is on the agenda at the manor this evening.

  10. ...steering my parents through the process of will we/won't we sell the family home to down-size. Strong ties there of over 50 years. As you know, these things take a great deal of thinking through. When the going gets tough there are always big pots of bright flowers to cheer, and warming winter casserole dishes to cook and share. Much love to you and The Gang this Sunday. Happy Zinnia-ing dear Susan xxx

  11. Yes, I too love that feeling of living outdoors whilst enjoying the comforts on inside with windows wide open. Ahh. Not so excited about air feeling warm--as that to me implies hot humidity--yuk! But somehow I suspect it isn't that way up in N.S., right?


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