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Thursday, June 18, 2009

more lily of the valley

The lily of the valley are gone now, the big red oriental poppies and the yellow roses (the ones with the sweet lemon scent) are just beginning to bloom.

Strangely quiet again this morning. I'm tired, sleepy. I've been staying up too late - much too late for my 5am rising. A busier day, yesterday, at the little gift & home decor store, the touristas and summer people are beginning to arrive. The café up the street is now open 6 days a week and I stopped at 2:30, while on my back in 5 mins run to the post office and bank, to get a large, most excellent, full bodied, dark coffee to go avec a slab of the best date squares I've ever had. Maybe it was that mid afternoon coffee that had me wide awake near 11:00pm. Home at just past 5pm to kisses, spins, and twirls from my girl Missy D who's not used to Mama bein' away all day. She and I immediately went out, we hit the streets again for our big long evening stroll to the crescent beach, and on the way back we lay for a spell in the just mowed grass on the hill in the park overlooking the harbour - we couldn't stop smiling at each other.

Teak toppin' it all day today.

lily of the valley and jars of beach glass


  1. I can smell the lily of the valley from here! Always reminds me of my mom, it's her favorite flower. Great pictures!

  2. Lily of the valley always reminds me of my mom, too. When we were little we always gave the scent to her for her birthday.
    All of your photos are beautiful, Susan.

  3. Susan, my mother always called them Spring Bells, I hold on to the tradition!
    Ah..Winnie D........
    Isn't wonderful to be so loved?

    xoxo to les gang

  4. A whole jar of beach glass! How lucky are you! I love it, but there's never enough.

    Your lemon-scented rose sounds wonderful.

  5. Ah, just reading this post made me relax. :) I'm going to try and capture a little of that "essence of Susan's blog" today!

  6. I love that about dogs when they are so happy they just spin in circles, tails wagging out of control, as if the happiness is going to burst out of them. It's a pretty awesome welcome gift.

  7. I'd love to see pics of that cafe. Can just imagine it. Date squares and a foamy coffee sound perfect about right now. Enjoy.

    So, ahve you told us yet how much you work at this shop per week or keepign that private? Eithr way, just curious.

  8. Such gorgeous little flowers, the scent reminds me of being five or six. And I can relate to sleepy, probably been sleeping too much lately.

  9. You know, I love to read about your moments through life. You manage to make everything sound so interesting! And I mean that!

  10. here i am up late at my art room computer desk instead of sleeping. i'm blaming the extra large refreshing iced tea i had around 6:30. big sigh!! 5:30 will be coming along very early tomorrow.

    i'm sure miss d is asking herself all day long where oh where could mama have gone without me??!! those reunions are super sweet, eh?


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