hello june

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Miss Winnie Dixon perched in her ...
upstairs hallway, sunny window, comfy chair, most excellent doggy look-out spot

Hey ! There's a dog walking on our street !
Oh ! Hey ! Here comes the courier man !
Here comes Scragalicious (old grey and white stray cat) looking for breakfast !

No doorbells needed in a home with dogs. sigh.

Overcast and cooler this early morning. I'm off to spend a day milling about in Harry's gift & decor store. It's been a great week so far this first week of June ...
so take that !! April & May I'm realizing now ... I've been waitin' on June.

For all you other Cancer's out there (MLou included) -
how about this pre-birthday forecast ?!! Uh Huh !!! H-e-l-l-o June !

On the 20th, a major power cycle begins. The Sun moves into Cancer that day, which is also the summer solstice. It’s the longest day of the year, so expect a blast of energy and vitality as the Sun spends its longest day in the sky. On the 22nd, the Cancer new moon officially marks your personal new year. A particularly golden moment because a month later, a second new moon falls in Cancer.

Normally, we only get one new moon in our sign per year, but in 2009, you’re the exception. The July 22nd moon will also be a solar eclipse, which acts as an energy portal, rocketing you to a new level, perhaps even a sudden new role or lifestyle. Be especially conscious of what you start this month—or, as the saying goes, be careful what you wish for, Cancer. The eclipse will power it forward times ten. Spend quality time writing down what you want for your life, and taking steps toward that now.

Rocketing ... uh huh !! uh huh !!

* and please note the tres beautiful colour of those walls. Sigh.

she's got cheeks of sweetness


  1. Gee Susan, you'd better start writing! That's a powerful horoscope! So the 20th of June is your birthday then? Did I get that right? That second photo of Winnie D. is adorable.They all are, but that one is special.xxx

  2. OK now you're just teasing me with more photos of that face and those cheeks. The only way it could be worse is if Winnie was chewing on a juicy lobster claw.

  3. July 7th is my birthday Pam - I think June 20th is when all the Goodness & Rocketing really begins - along of course with our
    summer solstice.

  4. uh huh indeed! I am a Cancer too (July 10th) so I am looking forward to rocketing out of this Neutral Zone!

    In my mind, I am humming the song from Aquarius...."when the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars"...

    Make that "when the Sun moves into Cancer and the moon is new".

    Looking forward to a blast of energy and vitality!

  5. Love that last photo of Winnie! What a sweet gal. :)

  6. Susan...your B'Day will be a big day for me too! First Colonoscopy,
    (I don't think that's spelled right)
    AND...as I tell Hubby, they are going up one end and down another!!
    I don't even know what the down the throat is called! Lord, these prevent medicine tests are a pain!

    A Hug for the beauty Winnie D ?

  7. We ARE rocketing, sweet sweet Susan!! uh huh! =)

    Thank you for your thoughts on my blog description. I wanted to change it last night, but could not decide WHAT to change it to. I changed the layout, because I feel something new slowly blossoming inside of me. It is a slow process, but I am doing my best to move forward and simply BE and be happy. I may only have a few blessings in my life, like you, J.M., my puppy, and my job...but they ARE the BEST things in my life ever!


  8. Susan! That is THE MOST SOULFUL dog I have EVER seen! I am so taken with her sweet face I could just eat her up!!! And what a horoscope! Mercy! You had better plant both feet and grab hold of something solid!!!


  9. oh i love that WD! is that who is going to be on the wine label. thanks for reminding me!!! another cancer girl. my best friend is a cancer. i seem to click with them. (im sagitarius) power on!

  10. I need that June 20th blast of energy today. I can't seem to get anything done!! I'm just walking around like Prissy in Gone With The Wind.

    I lovelovelove that photo of Miss Winnie from behind! Those ears!! Just adorable.

  11. oh' Miss Winnie Dixon....just too much for words!

  12. Rocketing works with how you always say "rock on"! funny.

    Yes, tres magnifique color sur les walls! :)

    Hey, I have the same Eiffel tower, well actually my mother does as I got it for her when I was about 12 in Paris.

    Ok, going back now through your older posts to leave comments now....

  13. She absolutely does have cheeks (and eyes!) of sweetness and gentility. Nothing like a dog to make me smile! I hope there is some energy coming this month, for today I am sorely lacking in that capacity!


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