Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Nature is amazing ...
beauty & wonder everywhere you look.
The secret is to look

Silent here this morning. It's one of those rare mornings when I have nothing really to say. It's another day of business as usual here at the teak topped desk and at 29 Black Street. A big list of things that must get done, the game always to see how many of those things I can cross off la list before the fading of my energy begins, sadly most days not much past 6pm. I must remember a cup of coffee around 4pm, I forget to make that new ritual, not really being much of an afternoon coffee drinker but I do think it might help with my pm productivity (even if that productivity means reading an extra chapter or two in my current book). Sigh. There is always so much possibility in each new day.

Our weather's been gorgeous, warm and sunny and perfect.

Hey !! and ps how about a vote for chickory's dog themed wine label and as
M. B. Shamu has reminded me (and all us other polite, reserved and law abiding Canadians) - vote early, vote often ... vote here No. 32 - go Trout go !!!

fields of dandelions


  1. that is the secret!! going to read the previous posts....i know the never-ending punch list well. hardly ever do i cross off every entry. speaking of entries.....dont forget to vote for ol trouter the wind surfing hound over at dog art today. (link is at chickory)..okay off to read about your weekend!

  2. Dandelions en masse are so lovely! (except in my little front garden). Yours are a lot later than ours - the roadside flash of early colour has long gone, so it was nice to see these.

  3. Looks like it's time for a dandelion salad.
    (that would be an easy one to cross off your list)

  4. Hello ... I am here from the blog Messy, Thrilling Life. Thank you for being the only other voice of reason on her latest topic.

    Glad you are having nice weather north of us since here in NJ we've had nothing but rain since I can't remember when! And definitely NOT warm. :(

  5. Girl your photos are beautiful. I am just picturing you at the lovely desk you just mentioned. Have a wonderful day!

  6. hey ! B Shamu - done, check, fini (the voting that is)

    and Lynne !! No ... THANK YOU !! errrrggghhhh. Such ignorance makes Mama's blood boil.

  7. Susan, Susan, Susan, you silly Canuck. In the grand tradition of American Politics, I share this slogan with you: Vote Early, Vote Often.

  8. Shut!Up! - multiple voting is allowed. Oops There I go back to vote again ... and again ...
    and again ...

  9. Hi Susan! I voted for good old Trout. And I finally answered your tag.

    I hope you get lots and lots crossed off your list before 6pm today. :) I'm going to join you in that afternoon coffee. xox Pam

  10. I love dandelions...may be the pesky flower...But I think they are pretty...In Virginia and North Carolina they make Tea, salads, and wine out of them....Susan Im having a blog giveaway sweetie starting tonight on the post I post this evening..sign up ok...

    Sonia ;)


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