grey & steamy

Thursday, June 25, 2009

grey & foggy, warm & still

A few photos from yesterday mornings walk along the harbour. It's another grey, steamy today here in our little village.

Yesterday felt tropical - everything is so green and growing and lush. The air heavy with moisture and a warm 26 C. It made me think of Hong Kong the steamiest lushest place I've ever been and then of course I thought of my friend Georgie who lives on that magical jungle/city island.

It's deadline time here at the teak topped desk. I'll make a game today of seeing how quickly I can get 6 technical drawings done and sent off to Customer Uno - I'll over stretch and aim for 1pm and hope it won't take much longer. Lots of work on the go at present - two new projects from the big fish Chicago company that I haven't even begun yet and some other very BIG stuff happenin' here next week at 29 Black Uh ! Huh ! Those darn elves (MLou & husband L) are packin' up their wagon of chop saws, chain saws, other miscellaneous saws and tools along with kindness, caring and love and headed this way for an extended home reno visit (details Monday). They'll arrive early July 1st. Canada Day and a big ol' festival day in this little village. Throngs of people will be milling about in the park at the end of my street. Marching bands, bagpipes, men in kilts throwing large objects for points and trophies, highland dancing, (they don't call us New Scotland for nothin' - Nova Scotia). There will be loud music all evening and fireworks, the smell of fried clams & chips and cotton candy will permeate the air, and a small carnival with rides will set up in the parking lot near the boat ramp - I hate it (mostly because I live so smack in the midst of it) but it's only one day and at least this July 1st I'll have company to hate it with. Grumble, grumble. Wink.

Thank you so much for all the great book recommendations ! Cheryl left a link to this great book blog and Posy (a favourite daily haunt of mine) must have been reading my mind because she has a stack of new mysteries by her bedside.

Today's Thursday and that means book delivery day at our little library. Hooray


  1. Havent said Hi for a while, sorry - "hi" Mmmm we dont get warm steamy weather here but I loved it when I was in China. Going outside was like relaxing into a lovely warm bath. Good luck for reno visit :)

  2. Fog or mist, all lovely to me, but it doesn't happen often where I live - maybe too much wind! Beautiful top photo.

    I hope you're going to get out there with your camera on festival day?

  3. I'll take 26 celsius. Today we're expecting a high of 36 celsius. With storms. Tree killer storms.

  4. Love the Daisies! I'm going to attempt to make Fruit Chili Sauce today! :0)
    Come visit the porch and see our three new boys!
    xoxo to all the les gang

  5. Oh SNAP, Carol, that fruit chili sauce is the BOMB!

  6. men in kilts!! alright!!

    oh, and, ... my lilacs are now in full bloom and the daisies too..... but, we have sun, sun, and more sun.... oh, and. ... some gusty breezing happening the past few days, which of course, dries things out even if I do rain to speak of ... just dry old desert out here.... I love watering all my pots by hand wit my big metal watering can...with the fancy brass head and handle....

  7. Good morning, sweetest Susan of all the earth!! =D

    I wish you much luck with your upcoming deadlines. I know you'll do great, as you are a fantastic and amazing artist AND photographer!

    Thank you for the tips you left me yesterday. I am going to try and put them to good use this weekend, weather pending!

    Much love to you and all the cute furballs!! xo

  8. Love those daisies! Scrumptious!
    Can't wait to hear the reno news! Hard work ahead, but so gratifying!
    Go work your magic, Susan, as only YOU can!


  9. "I hate it (mostly because I live so smack in the midst of it) but it's only one day and at least this July 1st I'll have company to hate it with. Grumble, grumble."

    ha. Love that.

    And Loooove your photos. that bay one is so mystical almost--very moving. I keep going back ot it. i love how the horizon blends the sky adn water together on the right side. Incredibly provacative.

    Yes, dear Susan, i understand it's NOT always cold up there but you;ve go tto admit when it's cold it;s sooo cold! I don't mind the cold though--its the muggy heat (like you are currently having ) I so don't enjoy. I hate to sweat!

    I'm going to the library tonight with such relish now--can't wait. (As if I need any more books--I already have a stack full of them to work though!)

  10. I'm glad you're getting those lush flowers now, cause they're long gone here. And it's HOT AS HELL! I'm glad they got sent your way for you to enjoy.

  11. We have had tree splitting storms here. We lost about 6 big ones..and lost electricity for 8 days! Temperatures in high nineties...steamy, boiling, scorching. I had to leave..Bill stayed to take care of animals.

    I love your water! I would probably have a boat with dogs hanging out of it.

    I hope you and the crew get a lot done. Don't cut too much of that lovely jungle. I like it.

    I read The Little Stranger (pretty depressing to me), but it was definitely like Henry James's Turn of the Screw..except much more horrifying. I kind of speed read it, but I was in the Book Store and didn't want to buy it. The psychology was intriquing, but I thought it was a real HAUNTING!!! Don't be too alone when you read it.

    Love to you and your babies.

  12. Lucky you. Is there anything nicer than a man in a kilt?


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