batting 500

Sunday, June 7, 2009

an evening stroll with Miss D as sunset's beginning

I feel like a switch was turned on in me sometime in the last two weeks. I don't recall the exact time or place but something feels very different. I haven't felt sad or afraid for days and days. It feels like I've been batting 500 and I'm trying to not think too hard about the ins and outs and questioning or analyzing the potential whys of it all (which trust me is a task in itself - the lack of rumination). I'm trying to take my life moment by glorious (lately) moment and I'm doing not a bad job at it. My yard and garden has come to life and is filled with blooms and birds and insects, it feels as if I live in a wonderful private wilderness with a short walk to the grocery store, the post office and best of all - the beach. The weather's been fantastic and I've been really busy. Les secrets of my success ... perhaps.

With the exception of a short spell around lunchtime yesterday, when the lazy voice in my head was trying desperately to convince M. Invincible to throw it all in, and retreat to the nest with her book for the afternoon I had a tres productive and satisfying day. I'm up at 5:00am each morning and that period just after lunch can be a tricky one for me on the weekend's, a part of me would like nothing more than to loll about, horizontally with a book (or not) for hours on end. However, I managed to swig back a cup of coffee for moral support, told Lazy Girl to shut up and I motored on with a new stack of final drawings at the teak topped desk until nearly 7:30pm Good Gawd Girl (?). Could this be a new routine - I sure hope so.

Followed by an evening stroll along the harbour as the tide was turning with my best girl Winnie Dixon, the sky beautiful yet again, the water still as glass, the park a buzz with people enjoying ice cream cones and the great blue herons, all back from their winter's south, focused at their favourite fishing spots. Home to a dinner of homemade pizza for one and a previously taped (pas de commercials) new episode of What Not To Wear - I love that show. Finally to the nest around my normal time with my latest bedtime book. Sigh ... a pretty darn perfect day.

Stayed tuned later for more ... It's Dim Sum Sunday and today's theme is Sweets - Uh Huh !


  1. Great to hear that you're feeling creative and productive. I need some of that vibe here! <3

  2. Wow - what a beautiful photo! :) Could you please send some energy to me?? I'll try the coffee after lunch, that sounds like an excellent idea.

  3. I love Stacy and Clinton. I could never be on this show, not because I couldn't (and REALLY need to) spend a huge chunk of change on clothes but because I couldn't resist spending that huge chunk of change on books or art. And maybe a pot or pan or two...

  4. You love Stacy and Clinton, too?~!

  5. Susan....

    Some days the energy is lacking and thats ok...Our bodies tend to need to regenerate...mmmmmm coffee...and the photo is gorgeous. Have a great day!

    Sonia ;)

  6. I so envy you being close to the water. Sounds so tranquil to take a walk there. I've been lagging in the energy department lately myself. Which isn't like me. At 52, I still have loads of energy, if not the body to go with it! That time spent in the garden and nature soothes the soul, I think.

  7. So productive by 7:30 am?! Whoa, girl! Hope it lasts for you. I'm still asleep by then sometimes, being more a night owl...well, until recently! Recently, howeer I seem to be neither!

    "I'm trying to not think too hard about the ins and outs and questioning or analyzing the potential whys of it all."
    --I so admire your ability to do that. Afraid I just don't.


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