pale blue

Saturday, June 6, 2009

miniature meadows of forget-me-nots ...

abound in the gardens here at 29 Black Street

Sweet puffs of pale blue fog or mist sway close to the ground and float on a sea of greens. Tiny perfect blue blossoms with their bold yellow centres each framed with symmetrical star bursts of purest white. Every spring I find myself staring very closely at them in complete wonder and amazement. We're nearing the end of their season, but thankfully there's always something in bloom around here.

I am tired again this morning although I did retreat post post massage (which was lovely & perfect by the way - Good bye ! tense, aching neck and shoulders) to the nest very early last night with a stack of new magazines and books from our library followed by a great long and sound sleep. I'm not sure what's up with this tiredness ... but it better get a move on 'cause Mama's got a lot on her plate right now, the next whole month is a busy one and I need to be on my toes, organized and as productive as is possible. I'll take that rocket any time now, Please.

My Aunt Sally reads this blog every day and forget-me-nots are a favourite of hers.


  1. Susan, I felt that rocket yesterday. I got out of the house and made things happen!

  2. Hi Susan - those flowers are gorgeous! What a beautiful blue. :) Sending you a burst of energy!

  3. They are also a favourite of mine too as you know....

    All my little flowers are covered with white stuff this morning....waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh..the blossom trees are drooping to the ground under the wet, heavy weight of it .... and, I don't know if chili peppers survive a mantle of white.....sigh..
    For some reason the robins are still chirping optimistically...guess they didn't all pack their little overnight bags and desert the premises....

  4. guessed it.......

    it is indeed the "s" word Susan...

  5. sometimes we just need to listen to our bodies and take a little extra nap or sleep. it rejuvenates!

  6. Rest up Susan- you've been working hard! The blue flowers are beautiful - such a gentle colour.May you start to feel energized and rested for the coming week ahead.My daughter was here yesterday for a Bubbles and Scent luxurious Lush bath, the plumber was working at her place)... thought of you and how much you love these products.

  7. Anf, liek oyur Autn, if i don't read it everyday, I read every post!!

    Is your library near by or on wheels? Its so difficult getting to mine--way too far away to just pop by but oh, how I'd love to.


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