wild roses

Friday, June 26, 2009

wild rose bushes laden with blooms and a heavenly scent

This particular type of fragrant wild rose thrives by the seaside and in the salt air. The stems are completely covered with the sharpest thorns making it difficult to cut them to bring inside for a bedside bouquet. There is a yellow variety as well, we have one in our front garden, and it's scent has a subtle and perfect lemony note.

those crows are loud and boisterous, as usual, this early morning - the only sounds we hear this time of day are the birds (I'd miss that if I left this place) and the sounds of gentle rain drops hitting the leaves • the air continues to be close, heavy and still and it's another grey day - but you know how I feel about grey days - grey days suit me just fine although I do need some sunshine soon and gentle breezes because there's bedding that needs to be washed, hung out and ready for company • I had one of those toss & turn all night sleeps, or lack of sleep. Miss Dixon was tres busy through the night, growling and barking while on raccoon patrol. When the air is thick with humidity and so still the night time sounds all travel and we could hear the raccoons squabbling and bickering while making their rounds through the village all through the night • more busyness today at the teak topped desk, projects must be cleared away by the 1st ready for the arrival of the Guardians of All crew • I've been working late and having two scoop ice cream cones (waffle of course) from the ice cream shop for my dinner these last few nights (last night's flavours -Toasted Marshmallow & Dark Chocolate Shiver) it's been too busy to cook or to think of what I might want to make - and I believe summer ice cream parlours exist, steps from our door ... to be frequented often.

off to plan my day and to linger awhile in the rejuvenating lands of bubbles & scent.

my favourite Michael Jackson song - or maybe this one from the Jackson 5 or maybe this one or this such happy upbeat music ... tell me you're not dancin' ?

11:30 my favourite morning CBC radio 1 show - Q - is having a 2 hour special about the life and music of Michael Jackson and oh my - the music ... when you hear bits of all his songs played together ... wow.


  1. Morning, Susan! I love reading about your day, although I am sorry the raccoon patrol kept you awake. I completely agree with you about ice cream vendors - why else would we have them so close? We are meant to eat there a few times a week in the summer. :) Have a great, productive day (and maybe a nap!).

  2. I cannot see Pink Roses and not think of my sweet mother, her favorite flower!Sounds like you need a do nothing day with a big bowl of ice-cream!
    xo to les gang

  3. Oh Susan! Thank you! It really is like having pink roses in a vase here at my desk! Sorry you slept so fitfully! I know you have a big weekend ahead. I hope you accomplish everything you set out to. Please give every single member of the little gang a smooch on the head and a hug around the neck. Can't wait to hear from you on Monday!

    Much love to all!


  4. Susan.

    Im sorry sleep was not rejuvenating...I hope your day is full of smiles and as Pam said a Nap...Have a great weekend.

    Sonia ;)

  5. I still wish someone would invent SmelloNet so we can smell your beautiful roses.

    So we're experimenting to see if Woman Can Survive on Ice Cream alone?

  6. Ice cream! My most favorite vice! I have many favorite Michael Jackson songs... many are his earlier ones.

  7. Ah, wild roses. Such beauty. Who would even want to tame them?

  8. I know what you mean about not sleeping whilst Winnie is on patrol. The Songwriter has been out of town all week, and Edward assumes responsiblity of the nighttime duties whenever he is gone. I swear he checks the doors and windows and is on extra high alert for any outdoor sounds. Fortunately, all our wildlife was quiet this week!!

    Rose, soft rain and a grey day. Sounds wonderful to me. Many good thoughts your way, Susan!

  9. Hello! Found your work via How Design and I LOVE your prints so much. I am sharing about them on my blog tomorrow with links to 29 Black Street of course. So glad I found your work.


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