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Monday, June 22, 2009


don't do anything ...
and nothing gets done

It wasn't quite that bad

It's grey, and stormy and windy this early morning which suits me and my mood just fine • a weekend of much sighing and feeling sorry for myself - thankfully interspersed with occasional mildly enthusiastic bursts of painting - still much to do • the peonies are all beginning to bloom and the small bouquet by my bed smells heavenly • I also did plenty of nothing this weekend, lots of rest and rejuvenation - at least I'm hoping that's what it was • Sadness & Ache came by for a coffee early Saturday and I could not convince them to leave • I feel lonely and yet I don't want to be around anyone • I identified a small new bird to our gardens and petite forest, it's distinct call has been perplexing me for weeks. A tiny bird which flits and darts quickly and with the leaves fully out on all the trees I could never see them - a pair of Magnolia Warblers. He (I suspect it's the he) handsomely fans and wiggles his tail feathers at his girl frequently and they make a short, sharp Tsssst sound constantly. They're insect eaters so they're not stopping at my feeders but they seem to be enjoying living in our jungle because I hear them chatting with each other all the time • I miss my dog, oh, how I miss him - my big lug of comfort & joy and I wonder ... will I ever stop missing him ? • I have lots and lots of drawing work here at the teak topped desk this week - an ongoing largish project from Customer Uno to finally finish up and 2 brand new, yet to begin projects from another customer • and lots of other stuff in between • I've begun this week's schedule and I must stick to it (says she who seems to repel all musts and shoulds) Sigh ... aahhh my carriage of lavender bubbles and scent awaits.

kitten nook


  1. I still miss the first dog I ever had (just for me), a black lab mutt named Cosmo. They leave some pretty big holes, these furry family members. But what would life be like without them? :) I hope you shakes those blues...they're no fun.

  2. I believe that sometimes it doesn't hurt to feel like not seeing anyone... as long as the feeling doesn't last too long.
    My cats would love your kitten nook. I miss those deep window sills we had in our Philly home.

  3. Do not despair...The Reno Wagon, filled with exciting saws, tools and home repair elves, will be pulling into your driveway soon.

    P.S. I'm calling for an embargo on "musts".

  4. MLou is coming! That should cheer U up! Oh what I would give for a stormy, cloudy day! :D

    xoxo to the les gang

  5. sometimes i just have a wave of missing eva -i could be doing anything and i feel like the wind got kicked out of me -heartache. i know ho hard it is. no you probably will never stop missing him but thats a good thing isnt it?

    well with your blog buddies you get it both ways -you get to be solitary, but not alone. i could curl into that kitten nook myself and have a gray day....however the sun here is beating down HARD and i have to go out and figure out where to put all these new squash plants up from seed.

  6. Great frames and pictures of you pooch! And I had to comment, since here on Monday morning, I would give anything to be able to curl up in the Kitten nook and fall asleep in the sunshine!

  7. Such a delightful bed for the cats! I know they adore it. And the frame for sweet Jake's photograph is perfect. Edward and Apple and I are thinking of you today up there in the wind and the rain.

  8. hi Susan, if you're anything like me, you will never stop missing that special Dog. I have two wonderful pups now,and still get very weepy and think about HER (my daisy).
    It's so hard to have something so wonderful but for such a short time.
    Amber, Olin and Izzy

  9. More great photos. I love the cozy window one the best!! Here's wishing you a beautiful day, filled with unexpected surprises of joy.

    Much love to you and the furry gang.! xo

  10. It's dark and stormy here and has been for days. The lack of light moves us into dark places. I do wish that I could make you a cup of tea.

  11. a good windy and stormy day inside sounds like heaven. i have those times when i feel lonely but just want to stay alone and almost wallow in it. i usually just let myself do it thinking i've earned it. it usually passes by the next day or so. i hope the blues fly off from 29 black street very soon.

    it is ok to miss jake. it sounds like he was a grand old dog.

    the kitten nook is adorable. is it big enough for a 5'3" 150 # lady to curl up for a nap? hee hee

  12. Weird how synchronicity works sometimes. Solstice was mostly clear and beautiful, yet today is grey and misty, lovely but melancholy. Warm hugs to you, Susan, and Winn, Nessie, Ver and Gus too.

  13. "carraige of lavender bubbles and scent"--ahhh, love the way you put that.

    "I feel lonely and yet I don't want to be around anyone"
    Hmm..what to do? What to do then? that would most certainly put you in a pickle then, right? I hope your malaise worked off as the day progressed and you, no doubt, got things done.


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