Wednesday, July 23, 2008

One (or 1 1/2) perfect cloud(s) floating in the sky above perfect calm waters

love her - my sweet Winnie Dixon as we walked through giant tide pools

Well it's only 5:30 am and I've already run the gamut of friggin' emotions this morning. Beginning with the it's 3:30 am I'm wide awake and it's still too early to get up so why not just lie here and worry a bit drill, to the nearing 4:30 am intense cat squabbles (a daily occurrence). Bleet, Oliver and Gussie are all up and carousing around and one of them dares to walk within a foot of La Queen Lulu - she then makes the most god awful squawking screaming yell - you'd think someone had leapt on top of her and was biting her ... but no, no. They might have glanced in her direction as they walked by. I'm a very patient mama but I tell ya ...this early morning routine rubs my very last nerve raw. How am I supposed to practice my calm deep breathing with all this ruckus. So I get up, stomp downstairs dramatically, flip the coffee on, and come back to bed to organize my day in my notebook (or to organize that other girl's day - you know the girl with the ever grand illusions and super human powers - with a wink to Paula), I begin pouring my bath of bubbles and scent and sit down with my delicious first cup of coffee at this darn computer and gradually, deep sigh, I begin to feel less frazzled, less overwhelmed, like maybe I can do this ... just breathe.

I do a little early morning scouting around a few blogs that I like to visit and ended up here at Posy's blog and go figure a visit to her blog made me feel great, once again - back to myself, or to one of my selves - to the self that I like the best. I am a bit surprised, as sometimes her seemingly perfect life, filled with all of her perfect things, her perfect designed and handcrafted projects, perfect meals and perfect photos can make me feel - well ... let's not beat around the bush, kind of depressed and a bit bummed out, like I'll never measure up. But today, like so many other days when I visit her blog ... it made me feel inspired.

And inspired is how I want to feel.


  1. There is such a gentleness about that dear dog's brow (is it brow) or top of the head. A softness.I am in such a state dealing with an abrasive person that I could do with a soft doggie head to pat, but unfortunately no pets allowed in our lease.*sigh*.I am also up at all hours of the morning thinking how to deal with this unpleasant bully person, but the cats around at that time are quiet thank goodness!

  2. oh Pam, poor you, bullies are THE worst. I've had to deal with a few in my life and it always caused me much angst. I do hope that you figure out a solution or that you can put up your magic teflon (their badness does not stick to you) shield. You know where "they" can go. xo S, Winn & Les Darn Chats

  3. Good morning, Sue!! =) I'm so glad you have found someone that truly inspires you deep within. Hang in there...I can tell you are a beautiful person and have so much to offer this world around you! *hugs*

    PS PLEASE stop by today for a special award that I gave you.

    love u much!

  4. You are as sweet and gentle and that wonderful dog of yours. I am sorry you had to deal with so much unpleasantness. Tomorrow will be a better day.

  5. ohhhhh...that water looks soooo inviting today. It is supposed to be cooler..but after flogging my way around only 9 holes I feel whipped...and sweaty ...and well, think I'll just go have a lovely bath....

  6. Inspiration is definitely good, although to be honest, I don't trust other people's picture-perfect lives.
    And what IS it with cats at 4:30 in the morning?? Delilah whines for food or simply wants to be invited on to the bed. Jezebel rattles the blinds and twitches her tail at the birds. They seem to have the philosophy of "Well, I'm awake, you should be too!"

  7. Susan, I have answered your request and Apple has made her appearance! She hopes you like her!


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