Saturday, July 19, 2008

hey there's my sweet girl - Miss Winnie Dixon

my little black, scraggly shadow, following me, wherever I may go - love her

It's raining this morning. It rained all night. When I first opened my eyes, a bit passed 5am it was raining very hard, it was pouring. We need rain. Lawns have turned golden and crunchy, gardens are suffering, and farmers are worrying about this years crops. So the rain is good, I'm hoping it rains all weekend ...
because I love the rain.

I was awake at 3am. I'm a very light sleeper at the best of times and I woke feeling sure that I'd just heard the distinct squeaking sound of a terrified, in-distress mouse. Leap. Plop. Oliver's up on the bed. I turned on the light and sure enough, my sweet Ver sitting there, proudly presenting me with a tiny little mouse, right there, beside me on my bed. The little mouse, as it turned out, was doing a fantastic impression of a dead mouse and I had an empty water glass by the bedside. Quick thinking and fast forward to a still trembling, but otherwise no worse for wear, little mouse being gently deposited outside - on our front porch where he quickly scurried away. Phew ! Carnage averted yet again. Back to bed my bed to lie there practicing my deep breathing while listening to the sound of hard rain hitting the roof and the many leaves outside my bedroom window.

Magically, as seems to often happen, the rain has let up just as we're nearing our morning walk time. I'm running late so I must get dressed and gather Miss Dixon.

I've just updated 29 Black Street 4 Sale (finally) ...this time of the year, selling this old brick house is not front of mind I'm afraid. I feel like I live in a summer heaven. I do.

And ...congratulations ! the winners of beach glass treasure packets are - Judy, Anya & Nancy K. I still have Judy & Anya's address (they won last time as well) and Nancy K can
you email me your postal address please.

Happy Saturday !


  1. Yay! Thank you! I look forward to receiving the beach treasures. They will have a good home here, with the others that you sent to me.
    I also have a cat that presented me with a mouse in the middle of the night. However, when I turned the light on it startled her so that she dropped the mouse and it escaped lickety-split. I didn't know where in the room it might be hiding, so I kept the light on for the rest of the night and didn't sleep much.

  2. I would love to paddle in that water. It is winter here in Australia of course, and not a lot of paddling going on!

  3. Please tell Miss Dixon I appreciate her pulling my name out of the hat. I promised dog biscuits and I keep my promises! I'm in Reno this morning getting ready to drive across the "longest highway in America" as it is called, across the desert. I'll be home in a couple more days but at the end of this month I'm going to a town with the best pup store in it and I'll get her some yummy treats there. Can't wait to see my glass, because you wouldn't believe how pitiful my beach combing in Oregon was: a rock that looks like a heart if you squint a little, and a very shiny black rock. That was it. I don't know if I am not DILIGENT (that word again) enough or just unlucky!

  4. Thank you!!
    I'm looking forward to the beach treasure, I'm very excited.
    Miss Winnie you're absolutely precious.
    Thank you again, I'll email my address.

  5. Awww some more beautiful photos of Winnie dear. :)

  6. What a nice mousey surprise for you in the night!

    Gorgeous sky pix!

  7. Good morning, Susan. It's been raining here, too! :) Your doggies are cute. And I really loved the last picture you posted today. It's absolutely beautiful and has such a calmness about it.
    Hope you have a good day. :)


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