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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

true north strong and free

It's Canada Day today ... it's a big day in this little village, a big celebration and it all happens in the park at the end of Black Street steps away from my front door. Secretly I don't like it, the crowds, the loud music and the fireworks at the end of the evening. Sadly it seems that I've become that crotchety older person. I'll pretend it's just like any other day and tomorrow it will all be over.

I'll have a lovely holiday hanging out here at home with Miss Dixon and Les Chats. I'll putter around, I'll cook and in the afternoon I'll start a new book while lying in a summer breeze.

Happy Canada Day.

noonish - sitting at my desk working on the final little bits of last big project for customer No Uno. Miss Dixon is asleep in her bed under my desk, Oliver's on his pillow in the window and I was just thinking about the sounds and smells of Canada Day here in this little village. The smell of deep fried food is wafting in my big wide open studio windows, carried up from the park with the breeze blowing from the harbour. Deep fried clams & chips a July 1st specialty, burgers, grilled sausages, fair food like cotton candy and candy apples. And the sounds coming in the window are of children (the thrilled screaming of kids on rides), barking dogs and bagpipes in the background (we are in Nova Scotia or New Scotland) and here in my office I'm listening to my beloved CBC radio 1 and a special Canada Day show Sing for Your Song Canada (available as a podcast I think ... if you feel like listening to a bunch of Canadian favs Gordon Lightfoot, The Weakerthans, Neil etc...) hosted by groovy music guy Grant Lawrence ... I HEART CBC radio. So far it's been a perfect Canada Day. I'm hoping and praying for rain later in the day so that the fireworks will be canceled ... I'm bad.

and speaking of pipers ... heard on CBC yesterday doing their cover of Queen's - We Will Rock You !

4;15 pm - the music has begun, the twang of a down home country band on the stage in the park has my toes a tappin' (if you can't beat them you might as well join them) as I sit (still) at me desk, finishing up la project. I live so close to the park that I might as well be in the park, every window in this old brick house is open, it's sunny and hot and the festivities are goin' full tilt. And the smell of french fries and fried clams is nearly killing me. Smile.

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  1. The book and baking sounds perfect.We have a huge annual food and wine festival not far from our house,we lose our car park out the front if we're not careful and our sanity. Not to mention the racing Grand Prix where our lovely city parklands are fenced off and speed,revvs and petrol rules.Most quiet types leave the city entirely and rent out their house or apartment as accommodation. Give me a quiet read over crowds and noise anyday.

  2. I prefer a quiet Canada Day too. Canada Day in Ottawa, things are revved up several notches in the celebrations department and for the quiet-at-heart, it's just better to stay away from the downtown area all together. I'll probably do much as you're doing today. My patriotism is inside, but that doesn't make it any less passionate.

  3. Sound like a good way to celebrate a public holiday! Drop in at Thatchwick Cottage and collect a prize! I only discovered you yesterday but loved my visit. eleanor

  4. Enjoy your peaceful day, my friend. Our big hoopla is coming up later this week. I am already preparing for a housefull.

  5. The best thing about holidays, IMHO, is the time off. So glad the 4th is on a Friday this year!

  6. Your idea for solitude, a book to stay away from the crowds of Canada Day is the same as mine. I heard the fireworks go off last night, and later today when dusk comes I will saunter down to Lake Ontario to the beach park to watch the fireworks from Ontario Place.

  7. happy canada day, susan! i don't think i've ever mentioned on my blog that my husband is canadian. born in windsor, raised in mississauga (toronto) and moved to america with his family when he was a teenager.

    lovely post and photos today!

    btw, i nominated you for an award on my blog!!!


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