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Monday, July 7, 2008

oh my ! what would I ever do without her sweet cheeks - Miss Winn

Today is my birthday. Honestly, if anything, I woke up with a bigger catch in my throat and that feeling like big moths are living in my stomach. Sometimes it's easier said than done, this changing your thinking business. The chasing away of Ache & Tears, of Loss & Sadness. Just like so many things in life, In Theory it sounds easy. Practice, practice ...

I just googled if today is your birthday ? I'm a Cancer, through and through. Sensitive almost to a fault (although I do believe it's not possible to be too sensitive) - and that can make life feel hard at times. The Cancer profile in Elle magazine includes this sentence ...

"Oh, you’re a mystery, all right -
and sometimes an amazing collection of moods".

and proud of it, I might add. Wink.

from the New York Post - July 7, 2008 - if today is your birthday

You already possess all the qualities you need to succeed in life, but the harsh truth is you have not been using them to any great extent. The cosmic picture on your birthday urges you to stop drifting and start driving yourself towards a worthwhile goal.

And today, Debbie (mother of Winnie's best girlfriend and Golden Retriever - Maggy Sue) is taking me to town, out to lunch and on a big provisions shop, The Farm Store (stock up on kitty litter & dog treats) and The Atlantic Superstore - my fav.

One way to this girl's heart is a trip to town, and especially a trip where I don't have to drive. Smile.


  1. Happy Birthday! Best Wishes for Joy and Happiness.

  2. Ah, the ever elusive Joy & Happiness. Thank you Paula for that most perfect wish.

    I do hope you have a sweet birthday and special things happen for you today. I hope someone gives you their icing from their piece of cake today, as I know you always loved the icing.
    I think today of Marie's lovely inferno cake. Remember that? ;)
    Luv you Susan! Have a great day.

  4. Happy Birthday Susan! Best wishes for a good year to come.

  5. Happy,happy birthday dear Susan.May your sky sparkle with diamonds and your wish on that star come true.

  6. Happy Birthday, Susan! It sounds like you have a great day planned.
    As a fellow Cancer, I know the sensitive issue like the back of my hand. Here's to your great day!!

  7. Happy Birthday from the "west side" Susan....have a great day!!

  8. Happy birthday, Susan! Don't forget to buy yourself something frivolous and wonderful while you're out.

  9. Happy birthday! I am loving your blog and catching up on stories of you and Jake. So very sweet.

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  11. Hold on Tight to Your Dreams

    sorry, that was me ... hope it works this time. Wanted to send you a peppy dance tune for your birthday..check out little Bob having a "frolic" as he calls it.

  12. Happy Birthday, Susan! May the year ahead of you be sweet and productive. Hugs from the left coast.

  13. Happy, Happy Birthday! And, in honor of the occasion, Winnie looked directly at the camera!! Beautiful girl!

  14. Hey Birthday Girl!!! Hope you are enjoying your special day!!! :D

    x o Willow

  15. hey,
    you guys are all so sweet ... just arrived home from a lovely shop and lunch in town and found all these nice comments. Merci.

    It's a scorcher here today ... I'll unpack the provisions and I think I'll lie in the hammock, cause it's way to late in the day to be beginning anything substantial, it's really hot and ... it is my birthday.

    Thanks again for all lovely birthday wishes.

    ps. This blog's birthday, 1 year old (a post or two every single day) is July 13th. Stayed tuned for a new give away in honour of this anniversary.

  16. Hi, Happy Birthday! Hope you have (or had by the time you read this) a great day.

  17. Awww, Susan--- have a spectacular birthday.

  18. "Sensitive almost to a fault"
    --Ah, but that is n part what moves you create such thoughtful art. HAppy BDay, Susan. I hope it wa s fulfilling, memorable day.

  19. Happy, happy birthday...may it be ever so sweet and warm.
    I hope you celebrated in grand style.
    Love and hugs,


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