jake & em

Friday, July 11, 2008

red dog, yellow dog

red, red and pale golden blonde
pure love, comfort and endless joy
Jake & Emma Jane Louise (Em)
two of our pack, Miss Winn's and mine
and we miss them ... so much.

I've been on vacation this week. At the cottage ... so to speak. No assigned projects on the drawing table and enough fat invoices out there in the world that I have confidently, dare I say cockily, taken it very easy these past many days. Worry & Fret have disappeared for a few days and it seems like they took Ache & Sadness with them. It's been a lovely, simple, easy week.

MLou arrives this evening for another marathon eat, paint, chat event. We'll try to throw in a few touristy summer village events also - perhaps a dip in the warmest waters north of Virginia (at Crescent Beach a 4 minute walk from my front door). An ice cream cone and a sit in the park at the end of Black Street, maybe a stroll down the main drag of this little village (actually it's the only drag) to visit a few of my favourite shops. We'll eat only snacky things - things like guacamole and corn chips, bagels with chive cream cheese and smoked salmon with fresh juicy tomato slices and a drizzle of olive oil. We'll drink cold tea with lots of ice and lemon slices and we'll sit at the little yellow table in my sun porch for all our meals.

We'll be here, she and I, fixin' up the cottage all weekend.


  1. Oh, yeah... rub it in. The two happiest cottagers on the ocean....don't forget to paint a lick or two eh?

    But, really.... sounds like lots of fun and you will have a great weekend to match an equally great week. It is great to get into holiday mode once in a while...

    we have no ocean..but manage to pull out many a day of enjoyment on our patio... watching the birdies playing and splashing in their little bath... enjoying the scents of the flowers.. marveling that the gardens have grown so well and are looking beautiful at this time of year.

    In between our hours of labouring on any of the ongoing renovation projects we head out with snacky things in hand.. perhaps half a beer or little sip of wine (can't have any more that half at only midday.. gotta wait til evening to get the full glass!) and enjoy the sun and the breeze while sitting in the shade of our big sun umbrella........

  2. What a perfectly wonderful way to spend the weekend!

  3. your plans sound lovely! i'd love to see some of your paintings.


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