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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Miss Dixon doing her best impression of a retriever

It's cooling off a bit. It's been hot, hot, hot here. But since we are a Cape Cod of the North it has been perfect weather for all the summer visitors & residents. Perfect beach weather. I say with hushed breath and only to those I know really well ... it's too hot, it's too sunny, it's bringing me down. But then I'm a girl who loves the rain, I do love a dark and stormy sky.

This morning it is raining, just showers. Enough to water the gardens and then the skies are supposed to clear by noon. The village is a buzz this weekend with another summer festival - A Harbour Festival - lots of boats and boating events, pork BBQ in the park, entertainment on the park's stage, dances, regattas and on and on. I live so close to the park and the harbour that I'm really smack in the thick of it ... whether I want to be or not. Bah humbug.

Yesterday was a frantic day of drawing madly, thumbnails rushed off to Customer No Uno by 1:20 (noonish her time) then dashing out for an appt. and a few errands. One of which was to pick up La Beast Rouge. I left her out in the rain (sad face), first time ever, and I do feel terribly guilty. Her carburetor got wet and she would not start, so ... off she went to the small engine repair shop and thankfully she's fine once again, and safely tucked away in La Shed I might add. In-between emails back and forth from my customer and waiting for further direction she (La Beast Rouge) and I whipped around the yard. I managed to mow half of my yard - the worst half and the half that needed mowing. I am a firm believer in only mowing when it is absolutely necessary - when you're reaching the point where the grass is getting long enough that it could make mowing unpleasant (the clogging and the stalling and the pop-a-wheelie mowing position) and those of you are regular readers know that I find mowing unpleasant enough to begin with. Even though it was stinking hot yesterday, there was a refreshing strong breeze blowing up from the harbour and it made mowing an almost pleasant task and I always feel SO fantastic when that job is done for another 7 days or so.

Our early morning beach trek and then the Farmer's Market this morning for fresh vegetables and home baking, then home again for our usual weekend plans of tidying up, cooking and a bit of yard work - interspersed with some reading and some endless dreaming and scheming.

Here are some photos from yesterday's early morning beach walk.


  1. It's been raining - thunder, lightning, torrential downpour raining - on and off all week here. Want to trade? I'd give just about anything for a day on that glorious beach!!

  2. The most wonderful photographs! I was interested to see the Queen Anne's Lace. Evidently it grows wild over there, as a meadow or field flower. I don't think the conditions are right for it to flourish in Australia and it is molly-coddled in our "cottage gardens" that are not suited to our climate ( tough daisies and lavenders seem to survive however!)

  3. Wouldn't it be great Austen if we could twinkle our nose's like Bewitched (a skill that I have always longed for) and magically trade locals for a day. I could have a day of urbanity - visit the ROM, Spadina & the little China Town, Baldwin Street, the AGO and maybe Designer Fabric Outlet oh and mustn't forget both Kensington & St. Lawrence Markets (maybe I'd need two days) and you could saunter & wander here along our heavenly seaside path hunting for new stripey pebbles as you go. Sigh.

  4. he he....love the one where u are lying on your stomach peering up at the grasses and flowers..

    the one page blurb on sea treasures is in August issue... it would be page 33 if there were any pages numbered between 16 and 34... silly. but..go to page 34 on Persia..and then go back one...

    hey.. Miss Winn is doing a wonderful job as genuine retriever....

    just off for my date with "Old Red" .... no rain around here...dry...dry....dry....

  5. That third photo down from your walk is just especially magical to me.

  6. amazing photos again. Love the white flower on in particular. Magical walks on the desolatee beach in the early morning sounds divine!


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