365 days later

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Winnie Dixon & Jake

This is the image I posted 365 days ago - last July 13th my first blog entry. Not a surprise that the first photo that I posted on my brand new blog was a photo of the two things that I love most in this life. Jake, the love of my life dog, sadly is no longer here with us. Still so hard to believe - he does live on, thankfully, larger than life here on this blog- here at 29 Black Street.

Am on the run this morning as MLou is here and we're having an action packed busy weekend. Stay tuned for tomorrow's anniversary beach glass give away in celebration of 365 consecutive posts. We're just off now to la beach for our morning walk. More painting and chatting on the agenda for today ...


  1. Happy Anniversary Susan!

  2. Happy Anniversary to you! Hope you're having a great day. :)

  3. Congratulations on this fun bloggy milestone, Susan!! :)

  4. Congratulations on a year of this sweet and touching blog! Such a good read.

  5. Seems like you've been around for longer, so many moments you've shared!

  6. Happy Anniversary
    Happy Anniversary..
    Happy Anniversareeee...

    oh, alright I'll stop already!But... just wanted to be in there with the group...wishing you well on your full year's worth of daily or almost daily musings .... wow... a wonderful accomplishment and definitely a worthwhile read each morning with my java in hand.....

  7. The camaraderie they exhibit in this photo reminds me so much of my Edward and Apple. I do so enjoy reading your posts. So much so, in fact, I've added you to my list of favorites. Hope you don't mind.

  8. Happy Anniversary! Congratulations.

  9. Congratulations! Way to go, Susan!


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