Friday, July 4, 2008

jake - good morning sunshine

No terrible ache and no tears hang out with me this morning as I post this Fridays photos of my hero dog, my big red lug - Jake. Sigh. Just lots & lots of love - beaming, grateful, adoring love. That's how it goes ... sometimes it's not so bad and sometimes, still, it's terrible. The missing part ... the wishing he was still here or wishing that I could go back in time and relive some of our most perfect moments, that I could just lie in the grass beside him one more time. Oh oh! Ache & Tears are at the door ... and I must let them come in.

It's summer here in this little seaside village. It's hot, sunny and muggy. The last few days we've had a strong breeze whipping in over the water which has made this summer weather perfect. I plan to work outside in my yard and garden today, La beast rouge and I will finish up a job begun yesterday in the noon day heat. I'll drink ice tea and eat plump sweet strawberries which were grown nearby. I'll hang sheets and pillowcase out on the line and I'll nap in the hammock under the tree with Miss Dixon snoozing nearby me and I'll putter ... 'cause that's what I do best.

and ... in case you missed it yesterday, look who's handsome face has made an appearance here at Design For Mankind. How sweet is that ? Thanks again Erin.

a boy and his stick - sweet Em in the background


  1. The big guy...

    Guess what today is Susan? Stampede Parade day...arrggghhhh!! Were u ever here for the 10 full days of silliness? Talk about fireworks! Every single night at about 11:30 after the grandstand show... and even though we are 10 miles from the area... it is still loud. Like some epic sea battle with canons booming at the end... the crescendo... then..we can all go back to sleep... sure glad I don't live next door to the fair grounds... wish I also didn't have to be on my guard for drunk drivers at all times of the night and day for the next 10...I try to stay home as much as possible or take the trains. Greg has to go into the city early in the morning and I don't like that either for him... too many drunks still out there...they list it as the greatest outdoor show on earth...yeh...the biggest non-stop party and drunk fest really.....

  2. Such a lovely photograph.
    We send thoughts for a happy day! Enjoy the strawberries.

  3. My big red Rufus passed away in 2006. I can still remember the way it felt to kiss his big pink nose,, the expression in his eyes and the weight of his big paw on my knee. Why do retrievers always put their paws on your knee? No matter, it's just dirt and will wash out. Not like these memories, which will be bright for a long time.

  4. I am new to your blog and I came by way of Julie King. My husband and I have 5 labs at this time and have had many through the years. They are so sweet and loving. Jake was indeed very handsome. I am so glad you have such wonderful memories. They are like family. (Sometimes even much better)

  5. Those memories are so sweet...so, so precious. They are your treasures. Jake is in all our hearts as well...



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