day 1, year 2

Monday, July 14, 2008

mermaids tears, periwinkle shells and crockery shards with script

MLou and I spent the entire weekend painting my upstairs hallway. All the trim and 4 doors had been painted a dark country blue for far too long for me to admit to. I'm not a dark trim girl. I'm a creamy white trim girl. In fact as much as I have put up with and lived in conditions that, let's just say are aesthetically far, far less than perfect, I'm a girl who always will hold out for the perfect. I know what I don't like ... but sometimes it takes me a very long time to decide exactly what I do like. Now finally my upstairs hallway is very close to being perfect. The space that will soon become a library space ... all my books and magazines (back issues of Gourmet and Australian Vogue Entertaining - 'cause you know how much I entertain - Wink !) will be organized and in one place. How lovely.

My big sunny hallway is now painted a very pale - not grey, not blue, not green, not white - perfect colour. Like air or sky, it's one of those colours that looks very different as the day's light changes. I love it ... and it's absolutely perfect.

Another big project almost finished - I will give the walls one more coat and then I'll paint the floors the same chocolaty black as the guest room and studio/office space. This was a job that I certainly could do myself, but painting for two days with a best friend and a endless list of hot topics to discuss makes a job that could feel very tedious and lonely at times, easy and simple.

So non stop painting and chatting - was the theme of the weekend. Add in the fact that MLou is my biggest supporter, my one gal cheering squad, another designer who lives on the same page with me and the person who believes in me way more than I'll ever believe in myself ... I feel, this morning, like I've had two days of not just painting, and perfect camaraderie but the most fantastic, intensive, all weekend long - life coaching/therapy session. This has been a very tough year for me and I'm on the brink of a brand new and exciting chapter in my life. I've been fine tuning and tweaking big new goals and dreams and to spend a weekend with someone who believes in you completely and only wants to help you achieve those dreams - is to me the true gift of perfect friendship. I don't think I would have survived the last 6 months without her. She's taken care of all my sadness and treated it with only kindness and respect. Exactly what I needed and exactly what I wanted. I'm very lucky to have her in my life ...

July 14th - day 1, year 2 of 29 Black Street, my blog which represents in words and photos this, new life of mine. And to celebrate the beginning of year 2 I'm having another give away little packets of beach treasure. Please leave a comment on this post sometime between today July 14th and Friday July 18th and on Saturday Miss Winnie Dixon will draw 3 names and I will package up three little bundles of beach treasure and send them out into the world wherever you may live, far or near. If you won last time (Judy, Anya, Mary D. and Vee) and you'd like another packet please put your name in again.

Also my blog of the week is my nephew, and Mac genius buddy, Michael's blog (he's 20 and about to enter his third year of university - a Business/Marketing degree - he wants to be an ad guy). We spent a few hours on ichat Friday before MLou arrived and he's decided to post a new photo each day for a month on his blog. I think he's very talented and we both share a love of photography ... check out his blog here.


  1. That sounds like a good weekend to me! I'm looking forward to seeing what your library space looks like when it's all put together...and to hearing a bit about your new big plans, when you're ready to share.

    Happy first day of year two! I'll be over here, on the subway and thinking of the seaside, crossing my fingers that Miss Dixon picks my name!

  2. I would love another packet. Hope Miss Winn Dixon picks me.

  3. Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits!!!! There... that should do it. That was what my Mom used to say each morning of a new month.. before she uttered another word... for luck don't'cha know.... I hope it brings you some great luck for this new year and all its dreams and schemes.

    Here Winnie!! C'mon girl.... that's a good Win...... remember me? ....... I, too, think you are special... here's a yummy little doggie cookie..baked it myself I did..... now don't forget to put your furry paw right on my name....

  4. You are very lucky to have such a friend in your life! I am excited to see pictures of your new airy hallway! Sounds perfect.

    Now I'm on my way over to your nephew's blog...

  5. MLou sounds like a treasure…how fortunate are you! Your hallway color sound likes mine (which is benjamin moore patriotic white). I love the chameleon-like quality of our walls; they pick up blue or green tones depending on the lighting and time of day. Just perfect.

    Your nephew’s blog is lovely. Delicious, in fact. Wish I had known about the photo of the Belgian Waffles before I cruised over on an empty stomach. :-)

  6. Looking forward to sharing in your brand new year! All the best wishes!

  7. Sounds like a wonderful weekend with an invaluable treasure of a friend, a friend who knows your heart. Can't wait to see what the next year holds for 29 Black Street!

  8. Yes, yes, I would love another packet of your lovely treasures. I enjoy them so much.
    I've been away for two weeks and have just been catching up on my reading. It's good to hear what you have been up to, and I enjoyed the pictures of sweet Oliver. He does have a sweet look about him.

  9. What a wonderful friend you have in Mlou. I’ve not had that kind of friendship in many years, and miss it very much. You are very lucky. Happy 1st day of year 2!

    A good friend is a connection to life - a tie to the past, a road to the future, the key to sanity in a totally insane world. ~Lois Wyse

  10. Happy, happy anniversary Susan! And since I missed your birthday while I was off the communication grid, Happy Birthday too. I have so loved your blog this year. It has inspired me, made me laugh, sent me into deep anxiety when Jake was ill, allowed me to vicariously live my little fantasy of living in a cottage at the sea, made me weep, gave me strength through your tales of living a life alone and the gracious way you live it, and just all around has been an important part of my every day. I have learned that no matter what some people say, you can make a firm and dear friend out in the blogosphere. Thank you so much for being there.

    P.S. Tell Miss Winnie I'll send her some dog biscuits if she picks my name!

  11. Well, you know, if it wasn;t for the giveaway I wouldn't be commenting! Yeah, right!

    Your days sounds absolutely magic filled. I love days like that and to ahve a freind like you do is such an incredible blessing.


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