Sunday, July 20, 2008

my most favourite summer vegetable - peas

Not snow peas, or sugar snap peas just regular old peas in the pod, the kind that you have to sit and shell. One pod emptied into the bowl and the next into my mouth. Sweet, green, raw, new peas. - every alternate pod full of peas eaten as is. I have loved peas for as long as I can remember.

We have a farmers market every Saturday morning in this little village and after our morning walk at the beach, Miss Winn & I, will stop there to fill up our cloth bags with new carrots, peas in the shell, green and yellow beans and tiny new potatoes. Sometimes we'll treat ourselves to a homemade loaf of bread, or fresh baking powder biscuits to take home and make shortcake with. Strawberry shortcake or later in the summer - peach, with real cream only, whipped with pure vanilla extract and the tiniest bit of sugar.

The air this morning is damp and there's a misty fog over the harbour, the water under this mist is as still as still can be. Like glass. There's no wind at all. And another early Sunday morning awaits us.


  1. I so love this time of year and all the lovely fresh fruits and vegetables that are grown locally.
    Have you had/made Hodge Podge?
    A Nova Scotian vegetable chowder made when the first tiny vegetables are ready for harvest. Only the freshest, young, tender vegetables are used: tiny potatoes, peas, green/yellow beans, tiny carrots, little turnips, corn if it is ready. You can add any vegetable you like as long as it is just picked and tender. We steam the vegetables and serve them in a bowl with cream and butter.

  2. We don't use a recipe however for those who do there is one here.

  3. On the long, hot summer afternoons in North Florida, before any of us but the movie theaters could afford air-conditioning, one of my favorite memories is of sitting in the swing, on my grandmother's front porch, with a colander in my lap and a brown paper sack of green beans to be snapped or peas to be shelled, beside me. Lazily swinging to and fro, a thousand pounds of snaps, speckled butter beans and peas have dropped into that colander, while a granddaughter listened to great aunts, a mother and grandmothter sit on that porch and rock and chat the long, hot afternoons away, with frosty glasses of sweet ice teas, setting on tables at their sides.

  4. I really love how you describe the beauty of the earth and sky around you. I'm serious! I can see the picture you've painted from your description. And right now, I especially love it. I can close my eyes, as I sit here sick on the couch, and feel like I've lost myself to somewhere so beautiful, even if it is only for a brief moment. I SO ENJOY coming to your blog every day and reading it.

    Thank you. Oh, and I LOVE Strawberry shortcake! ;-)

  5. PS I tagged you on my blog today...but it's up to you if you want to participate. I thought it would be a good way to get to know some of my new blogger friends. :) Take care.

  6. I grew up in the south and like Paula I remember those long, languorous, front porch afternoons shelling peas and beans. I still love fresh shelled peas and beans, especially baby lima beans but I never see them anymore.

    Your photo of the peas is beautiful. One thing I know from this trip I've been on this summer is that I want a new cameral..I tried some close ups of flowers at a garden I visited and they were not nearly as crisp and detailed as your pea photo. My telephoto function is not powerful enough either.

  7. You have made me hungry, and I just finished breakfast! And those peas are the most marvelous color! Happy Sunday to you both!

  8. Such a great close-up. I can just taste those peas!

  9. Ooooh, those peas look good. So fresh and colorful! Wonderful pix.


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