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Friday, July 18, 2008

joy, love, kindness, companion - Jake

Sometimes I wonder if I might be missing something with only dogs for companionship, but then I think about the mornings. First there would be the discovery that there is no milk for someone who takes it in his coffee. Then the likelihood of conversation. I need to be quiet with my coffee. I want to listen to the birds. I like to sit on the sofa with the dogs. Suppose another person were here? What if he had opinions ? What if he used the word postmodern with a straight face ? What if he wanted to explain how many feet from a dwelling a cesspool needed to be ? What if he wanted to talk about the pros and cons of raising the prime rate ? what if he wanted to talk about his childhood ? Or worse, mine. I can put up with the barking because he'll stop for a treat (and because I love him so much), but people are different. You can't shut them up with the offer of a dog biscuit.

Lots of people in my somewhat leaky boat are on the lookout for a human companion. Not me. I have learned to love the inside of my own head. There isn't much I'd rather say than think. Of course there is the rare bird with whom I am in sync, the odd person who can make me laugh my head off and with whom conversation is not an imposition or a chore, but these people are few and far between.I can talk to them on the phone. I can invite them for coffee.

Dogs make good company. They are happy to accommodate you.

Abigail Thomas - from an essay in Woof ! Writers on Dogs

This morning was one of those early mornings when I woke up with that feeling, that feeling of ... big sigh ... life just keeps going on, and here you are in it ... so best rally yourself, girlfriend. I plod downstairs to feed hungry cats and to pour myself a cup of coffee. I knew what photos I would post today but had no idea what words would accompany the images of my sweet boy Jake.

I was up a little early this morning and I decided to take my coffee back to bed for a bit. I opened the pages of the latest issue of Oprah's magazine to this excerpted essay. Serendipity - funny how things like that happen. There were my words ... she's written my thoughts. Adapted from Abigail Thomas' essay in Woof, ! Writers on Dogs. She has also written a smallish book, a memoir called A Three Dog Life. A book that I did pick up at the library once but didn't actually read, didn't get to it. I must order it again.

I miss my own three dog life. There are times I long for it and I wonder, where did it go ? I want it back, or I want another life just like it and as yet I'm still too afraid to try and find that life again.

love ya, miss you ... sleep tight sweet Noodle


  1. I lost my husband (we shared our love of dogs) five years ago. And since then I have come to appreciate my two-dog life! Last year I discovered Abigail Thomas's lovely little book and was so touched by it. Funny how one can think one is so unique and then you discover someone else who shares similarities with your experience. I am also so content living with my two dogs (supplemented by friends and family, of course). Today I had to leave Gal and Trist at the kennels as I am off to a conference overseas. I dreaded the parting but they trotted off quite happily to the pens. Now the house is quite dead and I am waiting impatiently for the airport shuttle to arrive and the journey to begin! Enjoy your woofs! Love Eleanor

  2. "What about if he wanted to talk about his childhood? Or worse, mine." Classic. I loved that.My smile stretched from one ear to the other.

  3. Who could not love and miss that sweet, sweet face?!

    I love "three dog life"...sounds like a great band!

  4. Susan, that kind of life will return to you again...all in good time.

  5. Hi there Jake! I love how dogs always look right into the lens... lol... so cute....

  6. Lovely words, Susan. I wish for you another three dog life soon.
    And by the way, I have picked up the gauntlet you threw down concerning Apple! Watch for a photo of her soon! Ugly duckling, indeed!

  7. Such an adorable face! I hope you find what you need Susan, whether it's a three dog life, or something different. And remember to enjoy the meanwhile as well.

  8. love abigail's words . . . so touching and personal. there are many times that all the company i need is my own and my min schnauzer, presley's. i can relate. as for missing a previous life, i am still missing my co-workers from my previous job so much that it hurts at times.


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