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Friday, July 25, 2008

handsome, handsome with a young Wanda Cameron leg

It's been 6 months ... half a year, we're well into stick fetching in deep water season and still so many times I just can't believe he's no longer here with us. That face, that handsome, kind and gentle face just makes me feel weak in the knees. Where did my boy Jake go ?

It's hot and sticky here in this little village. Winnie Dixon and I waded around in knee deep water last evening to cool off, her sweetness following exactly my every step. I had the fan on all night pointed at my bed, not oscillating. I'm not a fan of the oscillating wind or breeze (pardon la pun). I woke up at 4:00 am from a crazy movie dream by the sound of glass breaking. A kitten accident an empty drinking glass knocked to the floor by some dramatic leaping. I felt really wide awake so I got up, turned the coffee on, fed the starving beasts, let Bleet out to roam with the raccoons in darkness, and flipped through the new August Vogue in bed with my first cup of coffee. Then gradually made my way here to my desk, and to my computer. An email from Customer No Uno telling me that a project that I had been lingering with, thinking I had the weekend to hunt down my usual brilliance (yesterday the brilliance was totally evading me) had now become an urgent ASAP project, she must have drawings by this afternoon or she'll have to give the project to one of her in house designers. Nuh uh ! says moi. Oh how I do love that threatening kind of challenge, and it always magically seems to get those creative juices a flowing.

So ... brilliant thumbnails of photo frames of the wedding/romance variety on the agenda for today.

Beach glass treasure packets have been mailed and are winging their way south - in the past mail to the US seems to take at least 2 weeks.

Miss Winnie Dixon was three in this picture and Jake nine and a half


  1. that just seems so silly... saying they will give it to in-house people if you don't come up with something when there was no deadline. People, pagh@ anyway...good for you (I guess) ... sometimes it doesn't seem worth it jumping to their command does it? is No Uno, so I do understand....

    ... do you get National Geo? .. last night Greg was reading along and said... "Hey... I wonder if Susan knows about this"... there is a little article about beach glass. Saying it is becoming scarce and that sizeable pieces are rare nowadays... soon there won't even be any due to the use of plastic..etc. etc... maybe you should save some for posterity.... and, hey... what about selling little packets of it on etsy??

    Wow....has it been 6 months already? time sure is flying.... love Jake's soft looking face...

  2. It is hard to believe it has been 6 months. I especially love that top photo of Jake, all dripping with water and joy.

    I always worked best on a deadline too. I am a person who fiddles around and gets sidetracked and stops to smell the flowers too I need a deadline most of the time to be able to actually finish something. That's why I have dozens of not quite finished projects lying about.

  3. I'm sure you'll meet that deadline. How could you refuse a challenge like that? Go get em!

    Love the puppy photos, as usual. Jake truly has the most charming smile. I know he'll always be around you.

  4. 2:30 pm - two pages of thumbnail drawings done and sent. Speed creativity - often it's the very best kind. I'm with you Anya I too thrive on tight deadlines and the great part is if you must work very fast you often make a lot of money is a brief period time ... and ya gotta love that. Off to mow my lawn while I await feedback and further direction from customer No Uno.

    Thanks for all the very understanding and ongoing support. Especially when it comes to my sweet Jake. It means so much to me.

    And Vee I do read NG (I get it from the library) but I missed that piece - in the latest issue ? I'll look for it again and I do plan to sell packets of beach treasure in my etsy shop. Soon very soon. Wink.

    Happy Weekend to all.

  5. Such wonderful, loving, lovable dogs!
    It's a real talent to meet an unexpected deadline like that, and you seem really good at it. Personally, I'd probably get my back up and feel all frustrated and pissy.

  6. It seems everything is deadlines these days; and I am able to meet them when writing, too.

    Lovely photos of your dogs.


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