the perfect thing

Thursday, July 31, 2008

isn't nature absolutely perfect just as it is - freshly picked raspberries

Well once again it's time for coffee and my early morning therapy session. Uh huh ! It's true. I think that's why I always loved keeping a daily journal - it was a chance for me to get some of those many, many thoughts out of my head, down onto paper and away from me - for a different, and most often, much needed change in perspective. Now I have a blog - which is a billion times more satisfying. For one it's a place for me to be extremely neat & tidy. Somewhere to express, visually, many of my perfectionist tendencies and for all the world to see (or so to speak). A place each early morning to put a few of those little thought bundles that rattle around in this head of mine - and leave them here - see if others have opinions or thoughts, concerns or questions. It's like a kind of group therapy, it's definitely a support - and it is a community, which is amazing (and especially lovely for recluse girl - you know that girl who spends most of her time talking to animals). Here's an article in Scientific American on the therapeutic value of blogging - brought to my attention by best girlfriend MLou. And finally, this blog is a place for me to indulge a life long passion for photography (so this is why I spent a cazillion dollars on this old digital camera - nearly 6 or 7 years ago). This blog is so many things to me - and none of which I ever anticipated. It is the perfect thing.

Oops -there's that word again. That's a word I am trying not to use, a word that I'm trying not to live up to or to fit into. A word that should be banished, at least temporarily, from my vocabulary. And that's a tough one.

perfect - Supremely excellent in quality or nature. Entirely without any flaws, defects, or shortcomings. Accurate, exact, or correct in every detail. Excellent or complete beyond practical or theoretical improvement. Oh sigh ... be still my heart.

That said, I do think this vintage green cardboard basket of just picked fresh raspberries must be - the perfect thing.


  1. Brilliant photos Susan, and yes blogging is the perfect thing for me also.I couldn't agree more entirely. Good morning to you (goodnight for me here in the Southern Hemisphere!) always, loved the visit.

  2. Makes me want to lick the screen, you and Austen love to do that. :)
    I'm so not a perfectionist, but I can understand the tendency. I guess I see flaws as adding to beauty, or sometimes I just don't see the flaws.

  3. Raspberries are perfection! In taste, color, texture, and look!

  4. Good afternoon, Susan.
    I hope your day has turned out to be the most beautiful day you could ever imagine!! :) Did you eat all of those rasberries, yet? ;-)


  5. beautiful raspberries photo with the play of light. i think there is no need to banish the word perfect from your vocabulary when it is used to describe anything in nature. it is only worrisome when used as a yardstick or expectation for one's self. so be good to you! hugs!!

  6. I want to jump in your photos and dig in! Yum.

    Thanks, too, for that Scientific American article link. Fascinating! And yes; blogging is a companion, a creative outlet, a link to kindred spirits 'round the world. It is the perfect thing.

  7. Found your lovely raspberries post.I like your writing, will be back to visit your blog.greets from Holland


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