still life No. 7

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

still life #7

More polaroids from the seemingly endless archives. The sky is just beginning to turn a lighter grey blue outside my studio window, Winnie's snoring softly near-by and it's Tuesday. Monday blew by with a busy day in town with a friend. I had a longstanding appointment that needed meeting, we had lunch out, a few groceries picked up and not home again until nearly supper time where I was greeted with spins and twirls and lots and lots of mad sweet kisses. I miss her when I'm away all day and she misses me too.

The weather in this little village continues to be hot and sultry. It's fan weather. But there are thundershowers in the forecast for today and it looks like we'll finally get a break from the humidity.

Working on building my creative empire No 1 on the agenda for today.


  1. Hello.

    Just wanted to say, its good you get up early, it means I can read this before I go to bed, and be the first to comment.

    Happy Tuesday.

  2. These poloroids look like paintings. You do get up early. I just got up to get a drink of water, and thought I'd check the weather online, and stopped by your're already busy!

    I'm heading back to bed before Edward comes and gets me.

    Best day to you!

  3. Love the dreamy quality of your polaroids! My old polaroids just don't look quite so wonderful.

  4. Good morning, Susan. I hope you have a beautiful day. Isn't a joy to have pets who love you unconditionally? I have two dogs. Sad to say, but Bernie (schnauzer) loves his daddy more than me. BUT, Brendel...he loves me more than daddy. haha :) Nevertheless, I love the fact that they are always loving and know every time I am terribly sick. They will come up and lay behind my legs and not move until, somehow, they know I'm feeling a bit better.

    Talk to you soon! :)

  5. I only apologize slightly for being a copycat .... your posts are always so pretty with the flower pics you show... and I wanted "pretty" too... so...*blush* ... I copied.

    of course, the baking is ...well, is a must for me too... even BIGGER blush .... honestly, it is not that I am totally lazy... it is just that it was a perfect opportunity for a bit of fun AND a quick post...and, that I am lazy...... and that I love baking.... hahahaha..... thanks for a fun day.

    This morning I am assembling ingredients as I type...just came down for flour.... but... camera!! I hope at least one biscuit lasts and still looks photographable (is that a word?) by about 11:00 pm... as my camera is busy "out in the field" today with a gas plant designer... Greg took it to piccy the workings of a big ol' sour gas plant...ick!

    Meantime, I look forward to second coffee and a biscuit..... mmmmmm......

  6. You do have a wonderful eye. Isn't there some way to replicate the polaroid look now that the film is discontinued? I'm thinking that somebody some where must be figuring it out.

  7. uh..oh.... update::

    1:00 p.m. .... am now working on my 3rd!! scone/biscuit! Yikes, time for "walkies"! or go hit a bucket of balls.

    I added some sugar, a dollop of yogurt and some raisins.. left them in clumps versus kneading...oh, YUM! wish you were next door.. we could have tea and my fourth.. you would be lucky to get


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