Thursday, May 7, 2009

hey there handsome

We are put on earth for a little space,
that we may learn to bear the beams of love

William Blake

Jake - my red dog in our red kitchen. Another Polaroid from the past found in a shoebox filled with photos in the crawlspace this past Saturday.

Mad empire building continues.


  1. See - Cleaning is good. Buried treasure.

  2. snuggly and cuddly!!! LOVE IT! =)

    Here's wishing you THE most fantastic day, sweet sweet Susan.

    Love you TONNES! xo

  3. I really love the composition and dreaminess of this pic.

    Continue with the mad empire building!

  4. I can feel the beams coming from your posts. Your pooches are most adorable. Happy beaming.

  5. l love the sweet photo of Jake! He has his "Howdy..what are we going to do now?" look. I had a Lab that had this same expression. It is a laid back..kind of simple..."everything's ok" look.

  6. Sweet, lovely Jake. Waiting for you behind the clouds.

  7. sweet, sweet jake! how lucky you are to have so many wonderful photos of him!

    happy EB!!


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