Monday, May 4, 2009

yesterday's early morning walk along the harbour's edge

All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy;
for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life
before we can enter another.

Anatole France

Don't think for a second that I'm not afraid of all of this ... because I am. But I do take enormous comfort in knowing that I have loved and lived this ol' life with every ounce of my being. I hope my nearly two year old blog/photo journal is a testament of that love and appreciation. I know it is for me and I'm so grateful that I have this amazing record of our life here at 29 Black Street.

It's much easier to walk away, from somewhere, from someone when you know you have loved as much as is possible. To leave as the tide is turning is the secret.

I'm showing this old brick house this afternoon - for the first time. She looks gorgeous, big, bright and spacious. MLou warned don't get your hopes up too high we don't want to see them dashed and I remind her that whenever I buy a lottery ticket (which is very occasional) ... I always believe I'm gonna win.

What a weekend we've had. Of course with a special shout out to the team of 7 IMV's - I could not have done it without them. You go girl ! they cheer from somewhere nearby - remember I can't see them as they are invisible. Also, my sincerest apologies to M. Vacuum who is suffering, as we speak, in a state of exhaustion, disbelief and shock and she's resting up for this mornings finale. And last (but for sure not least) my indefatigable and never waning coach - always just a phone call away (if not pulling up curbside) - laden with love.

* IMV invisible mute valets


  1. Now that's some sweet light in those pictures. Nice.

    See my vacuumn cleaner growls at me from the closet to let him feed more often than I do. He's noisy, that one.

    Keeping the finger crossed for your showing.

  2. That should be fingers actually. Not sure how exactly I would cross one finger. (Monday, D'OH!)

  3. Good luck this afternoon. Those pictures are beautiful.

  4. My fingers are crossed, too. And toes. You reminded me of the lottery tickets from a week ago in my jacket pocket! Gotta check them...

  5. I hope all goes well today - it is always bittersweet to move. Gorgeous pic of the bay!

  6. Good luck with your "early bird" showing Susan!! This would be so perfect if it does sell.... especially the saving of exorbitant realtor fees! hopping around with legs, fingers and toes crossed...
    man...I won't get anything done at all today. Oh, who cares; I'm staying in the house anyway. I spent too many hours out in the yard the past two days. My best friends today will be IB (Ibuprofen), IP (ice pack) and BS (hahahha that could be a few things, but today it is baking soda in my bath)..

  7. I can't wait to hear what happens! I loved your vignettes, by the way. Just lovely. And I hope Miss Winnie is feeling better by the day. I'll be thinking of you this afternoon here at my painted desk!! With Edward at my feet.

  8. Susan, I felt a lot of sadness when we moved from our old house. Little by little, though, I have added things to the new house that make me feel at home. I know you have that kind of nesting instinct that will help you to make a new place cozy, comfortable, and uniquely yours.

  9. I am hoping for the very best new beginning for you, Susan. I am inspired by the way you got the house ready, and I am wondering if you are exhausted. You don't sound like it. The interested party will love the house, I know. How could she not? Are there many other houses around for sale? For some reason, I am thinking no. And she has dogs, so she won't object to the fact that you have a little fragrant fur on a cat shelf, or a few funny pictures of dogs around, or a slight smell of salmon, or cat food, or poached chicken, or the aroma of that hot dog lingering in the air or lavender bubbles! "Home Sweet Home." That's what your house says!

  10. OMG! Such a hectic Monday for me and I am just now reading your blog and looking at the beautiful pictures! You are amazing to have gotten the house ready for "company" in just a couple of days! I hope they love the house as much as you have! Can't wait to get a report on how it all went. And on how Miss WD is progressing! Much love to all!

  11. If there was a place for us to work around there that would provide a decent living, you would have had 4 happy faces on your front door wanting to make 29 Black Street their own.

    I am rooting for you girl, that you find a buyer. But not just any buyer, someone who will love the old girl like you have.

  12. This post is beautiful, Susan, and really spoke to me as you can imagine. Truly, this event happening in your life is having a huge effect upon my motivation, hopefulness and all that. Even if these people don't buy your house, I see....This is just how it happens. Out of nowhere the Universe sends us just what we need. We just have to be ready for that. I am going to bust my ass getting ready because it will happen for me as soon as I'm ready.

  13. IMV? Still don't get that. hope your eventual move goes far better than you envision and your new place offers its own wonderful opps you currently don;t have with your big old house, as gorgeous as it is.


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