look out May !

Saturday, May 2, 2009

this early morning - les tidy office/studio - 1 room down 7 to go

Blue Skies bubbles are a pourin'. Mama's got another busy day ahead of her. I had my first cup of coffee this morning tucked into the nest with Bleet, Oliver and Winnie Dixon. Yes ! I helped her to hop up onto my very old and high bed sometime during the night. Things are getting back to normal around here, at least where she's concerned. She's begun to put a little weight on that foot already and has been for a few days now. All of us (except Gus Mr. Aloof - AWOL as usual - he has his own apartment somewhere in this old brick house) tucked into the nest, me with my coffee, my much loved Moleskin day planner and my current favourite pen creating my room by room to do list - mama so loves a list - it's a comfort thing. I will later retrieve my bright green hi-lighter from my now neat & tidy top right *TTDesk drawer and throughout this day I will take extreme pleasure in gradually watching that page in my day timer gradually turn green with strokes of hi-lighter.

I have Malcom Gladwell's new book Outliers (unabridged) to listen to on CD as I dust and sparkle and lots of my favourite CBC radio shows air on Saturday's & Sunday's. I'm feeling like this is going to be a great day !

Hey ! look out May ... 'cause I do believe ... we might just be on our way.

hey there sweet cheeks - Winnie Dixon in her den under the teak topped desk

*TTD - teak topped desk

A repeat video on this blog and les theme song for today


  1. Have a great weekend Susan! I'm so glad Miss Winnie D is getting better!

  2. I love the idea of Gus with his own little pad/apartment "somewhere" in your house. Priceless.

    Filling up planners with highlighted pen lines can be oh so fulfilling. Wishing you the very best at that. I'm again just marveling at your ncredibly coz photos of your desk area. Ahhh..I can jst picture you there in early morning with hot cuppa in hand typing out the world so we can know how things are going for you. thanks for sharing your world with us in a such a transparent, beautiful way. your blog never stops being a consistent source of inspiration.

  3. Woof... your screen saver is as cute as I!!! Enjoy the weekend.
    Tail Wags to All.

  4. Hey Jammmie Bic ! you've got me blushin' what sweet, kind words. merci ! Tomorrow I'm hopin' to share little vignettes of my room staging - that part I must say is fun. Gotta run xo S (and les Gang of course)

  5. You GO GIRL!!! So glad for Winnie and for YOU!!! Can't wait for tomorrow's update! Nice weekend all around!



  6. I love that song!

    So glad Winnie D is feeling better.

  7. I just relistened to this song. I LOVE it. You always provide us such good songs.


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