rock on

Monday, May 11, 2009

rock on ... and on ... and on ... and on

Rock On Lil' Art card - matted, ready to frame, gouache, ink, paper collage

Please check out the fantastic array of talented creative types over at Poppytalk's Handmade - May offering Paper Pops/Affordable Art of which I am humbly, thrilled to pieces, to be a part of.

No hot water this morning. Very sad face. I must be out of propane. Which means no bubbles & scent this early morning. No hot steaming face cloth to revise and refresh and wash away those glums. Ah hah ! (the light bulb suddenly appears atop her head) I'll boil the kettle, and fill a basin and I'll wash those glums the old fashioned way.

gotta run that darn empire isn't gonna build itself.


  1. Yo DO ROCK Ms Black...Bravo on the Poppytalk biz.
    Too bad about the bubbles. C'est dommage!

  2. Thank goodness for kettles! :) Love your 'rock on' - a good motto for your CE building. :)

  3. Thanks for the link, will check it out.

    Hmmmmm, hot water. Nothing like a long hot shower to kick start the morning. Nothing worse than suddenly finding yourself without. Unfortunately not something you can borrow a cup of from the neighbors.

  4. Love the collage...sometimes the Old Fashioned way is the most reliable...

    Sonia ;)

  5. "ROCK ON!" is a good message to get us going on a Monday morning. Susan, I hope your Monday is a happy and productive one.

  6. I was just gonna.....boil a kettle or two... many a time I've done that......

    I'm just listening to mine singing its readiness to begin my day....

  7. Yay Poppytalk! I hope lots of good things come from it:)


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