the good & the bad

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

daffodils from the front garden

The good - they loved the house, He called yesterday and said they went home that night and talked about this ol' brick house into the evening. It's a gorgeous house he told me We love it. She was a hit, she did cast her spell and she cast it well. The gigantic jungle of a yard did not seem daunting to them. And they did love her. I keep telling myself this early morning ... things could be worse. I could be living in and trying to sell an ordinary house. A house with no charm and no spells to cast.

The bad - it's too big a project for them, they're nearing retirement age, they don't think they have the money or enough of the energy that might be required to fix her up like she really deserves. They said no, they did not make an offer. They apologized and thanked me for showing the house to them. I thanked them for being so open, and kind and I told him last night on the phone that they were the most perfect couple to be my first ever show my house people. I felt very grateful for the experience. I know I learned a lot from it. I now know that I can do it myself. Another horrible scary monster that I had created in my head could now be slain and instead - almost looked forward to. I'm the perfect person, I think, to show this big ol' beautiful house.

Last night was difficult. All those desperate feelings of being tapped in a life that I can't manage came flooding back. I am sad, my hopes are dashed, the wind has gone from my sails ... but only temporarily. This morning before I escape to the land of patchouli bubbles I remind myself that I live in a house that people love, when they look at the plot map they gasp with pleasure at the size of the property. Like owning your own little county smack in a village and 50 steps to the ocean. She's a gem, a big ol' diamond in the rough. I just need to find the right buyer (before winter s'il vous plait- just in case the Universe is listening).

I will sell this house ... I will be in the city by Christmas (M.Universe).

Last night instead of drowning my sorrows I watched the movie Milk - Sean Penn you are amazing and tres handsome. Even liberal girl moi was shocked to be reminded of the levels of intolerance, hatred and ignorance that existed here such a short time ago. Yeah ! Harvey. I'd like to see the documentary of his life The Times of Harvey Milk. A song from the soundtrack by Sly and the Family Stone.


  1. Plenty more house-buying fish in the sea. Its good to have had such a smooth first viewing.

  2. Susan, you will find a buyer in due time. Hope you have a good day today.

  3. It is so hard to sell a house that you love so much - I've had to do that, too. The perfect folks will come along, and that does make it easier! Have a wonderful day today - and I hope you can rest up from all that cleaning! LOL

  4. Well, hey, just bask in the glorious state of the sparkling Number 29!

  5. I have to agree with Pherenike and Mary D, that a house this juicy will not go without a buyer for too long. Have faith that the right buyer will find you.
    Thanks for the Happy Headed Daffodils. Needed that this morning.

  6. Susan, I am sad, too. It is ok to be sad...a sign that you are a normal functioning human being. I don't like sad though. I hate it and want to banish it forever from my life. I am desperately trying to run from it...but it is the shadow that makes possible the light. It is the negative that makes possible the Great Positive. in the negative, bask in the fact that "the darkest hour is just before the dawn," as some one said.

    I still don't like it..but it does show that you are capable of great happiness and productivity. Your emotions run the gamut from despair to blinding hope. And Hope in Greek means Help. It WILL BE..definitely, the Greek says; and it is just a matter of the time element. God wrote in I'll take His definition. May you be blessed, loved, and protected until to you and the Small ones...

  7. I just discovered your delightful blog. I return home to Nova Scotia every three weeks or so to work on my house by the sea. Soon, I hope, i shall be home for always.

  8. Cool... big Sly and the Family Stone fan here. I actually saw them once when I was in college. (Yeah, I'm old!)

  9. Hang in there, sweet sweet Susan!! **hugs** THE right person WILL come along and snatch up your adorable home! =)

    Much love being sent your way to you and the furry gang. xo

  10. Sorry that the house didn't sell. On the bright side, now you have a showcase clean house for consolation.

    I guess I'm talking about myself here...I love to get everything in order but mostly I live in clutter. I need to change that!

    Your house is so pretty...someone is going to want it, soon. <3

  11. Just in from an extra long weekend away and couldn't wait to check your news. Yeah, it's not the best and sure you were disappointed, but what a big, positive step forward to show it and hear that people love it and know there will be someone down the line (soon!) who loves it and can handle it.


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