Tuesday, May 5, 2009

red wing blackbirds

Red wing blackbird
and their animal totem meaning.

Omen - translation - good things come

Beautiful nature illustrations by John James Audubon. a collection of these gorgeous bird prints available in book form here. We had at least one pair of red winged blackbirds hanging out at the feeders in our back yard all day yesterday. They're not really a back garden bird their favourite haunt is perched high on bull rushes in a swampy area or atop sprigs of flowers in a wild overgrown meadow. I'm sure their visit yesterday was a good omen. A very vocal bird and impossible not to notice.Yesterday was warm and sunny, all the windows in this old house were wide open, and a gentle warm breeze followed us around from room to room the nonstop chatter and singing birds our musical accompaniment. Perfect. This old house looked as good as she ever has. My guests arrived promptly at 2pm and we first toured around inside and out and then sat for well over an hour having coffee and chatting at my kitchen table. I could tell that they loved all the same things that I love about this house. She does need some work, there's no question there but her bones ... oh her lovely bones, her big beautiful windows, her spacious rooms with high ceilings and the gorgeous light that fills them especially each evening's setting sunlight. Her character shone ... big and strong and beautiful as always.

Yesterday was a huge & wonderful hurdle for me (not to mention the three whirlwind days leading up to Mondays 2 pm appointment). And they were such a perfect couple to be my first Hey ! come look at my house people.

I'm totally exhausted this morning, I feel hung over and I don't drink. Miss D feels the same way - she's been out of sorts for days watching her Mama (or someone who looks a lot like her Mama) wielding a vacuum cleaner, bucket and mop for days, dusting and scrubbing and fussing and puttsing endlessly. Winnie tried her darnedest, with her worried furrowed brow and ears pushed forward look, to figure out what on earth is going on. She's leaving me ! is always her go-to response to any abnormality or disruption in our day to day life. So for the last few days she has trailed behind me, hobbling along on her mending foot, not allowing me out of her site for longer than 2 or 3 minutes at a time just in case I should forget to take her along with me wherever it is I might be going. As soon as they left yesterday she and I both breathed a sigh of relief and collapsed together on the sofa.

I've gotta ton of CE work that needs to be done this week so I've made a deal with myself that I'm not going to think, ponder, wonder, question, ruminate, doubt anything to do with the selling of this old house for 2 weeks. I know these people will get back to me regardless of their decision. They have lots to think about ... this is no ordinary house and I think she just may have cast her spell on them.


  1. Fingers crossed!

    But whatever the outcome of this first viewing, you've had a wonderful opportunity to see your lovely house shine in all sorts of ways.

  2. I like the part where you and Miss D relax on the couch together. I'm sure she was feeling happy and relieved at that point.
    Your house sounds lovely... you have conveyed the magic of it in your words.

  3. May we be popping bubble wrap in celebration of impending good news.

  4. good luck. i like it and would move there though im sure the winters would be rough. wishing well for the old bones.

  5. Isn't it a wonderful feeling when the house is spic and span and you can just sit and look at it? Nothing in the cleaning department on your to-do list? Bliss.

    Thinking good thoughts for your sale, and yes, I do agree that a red-winged blackbird is a good omen!!

    Love to Winnie, from Edward!!

  6. OMG, will it be this easy?

    My fingers are so crossed I won't be able to use them today!!!

  7. I loved your post! I was like Mlou..kind of worried about you if things did not go well. Diane and I "worried over the phone" for at least three days. But it sounds like the people loved the house..even if they don't get it. THAT is so important. I think the house would have "folded her arms" and said "Well, Hrrumph!" if they had not appreciated her character and apppearance. Instead, they loved her, so she called in the birds, had a concert, and danced in the wind!

  8. quietly and tentatively optimistic.....I like that...

    Now, you can carry on with a busy week without spinning your wheels too much..... and yet there is the happy undercurrent.

    I'm waving my wand; mentally cooking up some great potions...and,casting them in an easterly direction ...........

  9. Crossing my fingers for you, sweet sweet Susan!! :)


  10. We are sending truckloads of only POSITIVE ENERGY across the miles and throughout the universe to 29 Black Street. Congratulations on a wonderful "first dance".



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