lavender & lilac

Friday, May 29, 2009

uh huh ! more lilacs and lovely light

Lavender bubbles pourin' in honour of this early morning's post. The sun's just up, the birds have begun their daily routine. Les Gang are all sleeping in this morning. I think maybe there's rain in the forecast and you know I can't tell you why ...
but Mama sure does loves the rain.

Spent another day puttering around Harry's little home decor and gift store yesterday. Our summer season is not yet in full swing so it's a bit slow on the customer front but I managed to while away the day listening to CBC and working on some paperwork of my own. I'm realizing how good it is for me to get outta Dodge for a spell, just to hang in the outside world for hours on end, leave behind all the to-dos, want to-dos & should-dos that come with living in my 100+ old fixer upper brick cottage. Ahhhhhh ! my spirit seemed to say at the end of the day. I was thinking back to last summer and wondering why I hadn't worked a bit in his store as I had done the year before - the summer of 2007. And I realized that last summer I felt dead - Ache & Sadness were smothering me. I missed my big red dog Jake so much. I was stuck in a deep mire of grief. I still think about him every day, often a thought will come whooshing out of nowhere and hit me like a punch that takes my breath away. It amazes me, still, how much I loved that dog - how much I leaned on him. How much goodness he brought to my life ... to our life. Love ya Noodle.

Hey ! I got a parcel in the mail yesterday. A lavender-lilac package of goodness. Awhile back I left a comment over at daily haunt Stripey Pebble Austen was having a little fav colour give away and Hey ! I won. I was expecting sweets and little good things but Wow ! was I surprised and thrilled to receive this beautiful, made by A, sweet little clasp purse. Thrilled.
I love it !! Merci A.

the book Happiness Is ... a wee present to myself, arrived in the mail as well


  1. I love the colour theme thing. And even better is how you felt about working in the shop.

  2. Susan & les gang....have a wonderful weekend filled with fun!
    My Lavender Rose Tree is about to bloom, can't wait! I'll post pictures!xoxo

  3. Hey! I'm glad your parcel arrived! I had lots of fun making that clasp purse - they're my new favourite gift to make. And I hope the candy didn't taste *too* Lush-y. I should have bought Thrills. That purple gum always tasted like soap anyway. :) Glad to see you're having a good week. Mine's almost over...and that's the best.

  4. The little clasp purse is adorable. I remember how down you were last summer. It's so good to see you enjoying life more now.

  5. Susan those Lilacs are the picture and the lighting...
    Have a great weekend.

    Sonia ;)

  6. love C Howards gum & viotlet mints too! Luky girl. Love your images- beautiful...

  7. Clearly, I cannot spell this morning.....violet - Lucky.
    So sorry..

  8. So fun to win things! I won a froggy rain gauge last week.

  9. Ohhhh....LOVE that vase!! Whoah! And yummy to the goodies you received yesterday. Blessings! =)

    Hope you have a super weekend.

    Much love to you and the furry gang! xo

  10. you sound really good - makes me happy. i was quite blue last week when some friends arrived unannounced and whisked me away to the lake which was at full pool and the trees were lush and full. just to be out of my space took the anxiety away and i was glad to be on this path - i understand about the store. and jake. sometimes when i wake up i think of eva and my eyes sting with loss.

    i have a lilac in my atlanta yard. it bloomed this year - it doesnt always though. the fragrant bloom i put in our bedroom was so strong i had to take it out before i could fall asleep.

  11. such lovely sunshine streams in your windows, susan!! is that a pewter vase with the writing on it?

  12. "It amazes me, still, how much I loved that dog - how much I leaned on him. How much goodness he brought to my life ... to our life. Love ya Noodle."

    Another bit of lovely reflective prose here. Ahhhh. (I know, waht with your gorgeous photos and the compliments often given adn your writing, I am starting to sound like a broken record but it rally is all so moving.)

  13. ugh. I really need to learn to type better.


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