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Monday, May 25, 2009

tout la Gang came out in full force for this exciting event

Mama's created a big bouquet of lilacs, just ready to bloom, on our sunny kitchen table. Wow ! How tres exciting for them ! Cat's are so funny - it's as if they truly believe that everything you do must surely be ultimately for their entertainment benefit. Curious with a capital C. And yes that actually is the ever elusive and rarely seen Mr. Aloof himself - our Lil' Man handsome Gus in the bottom photo.

Well yesterday was one of those days. Those days where large plans were dreamed up early in the day yet never did come to fruition. One of those days when evening begins and you look back at the hours that have past and wonder what exactly did I do today ? what did I get done ? I do know that I was up and walking around or sitting here at the TTD (I didn't loll for too long in the afternoon on top of the nest with my book and the summer breezes). We did, Miss D and I have a lovely walk in the park and an ice cream cone with our friends Deb and Maggy Sue (Winnie's best girlfriend and caramel golden retriever).

Oh well. There's always so much a person could be doing, it just never ends ...

*TTD teak topped desk


  1. How wonderfully you captured sheer joyfulness:
    the light falling onto the table, the cats exploring, playing shadow games, spring at its most glorious!

    Thanking for sharing your world! :-)

    I am sitting here at my desk, window open, the sun streaming in and the blackbirds singing.

  2. Lilac loveliness! I know what you mean ....I was setting up some "artistic" things for a photo I wanted to take yesterday and of course who had to join me and knock over my carefully set up jar of water and flowers??? Resulting in a mad scramble to pick up all the bits and pieces of assembled stuff underneath so they wouldn't be destroyed? Monty the Bold.
    Well I did get the picture and am using it for a "letter revival" thing I thought up yesterday when I should have been doing OTHER things:)) lol

  3. It's so good to hear that Miss D is taking walks again.

    My cats sit and watch me so closely when I am cooking that I suspect they are anticipating a day when they can try it for themselves.

  4. Gorgeous lilacs - one of my favorite flowers! :) And cats are so funny. One of my three is a 'talker' and when I'm writing, she alternates between 'talking' and trying to sit on the keyboard. LOL!

  5. Such gorgeous Lilacs! And I love that old pitcher you have them in! What a lovely patina! And the sweet kitties just make the vignette perfect! Thank you for sharing and have a very blessed day!

  6. Just remember, watch out for your eyelashes with all those cats around.

  7. Does Miss D get to eat the ice-cream too? :)

    What's not gotten to today will be their tomorrow. We ( You, Me & others) have but one life to enjoy, so enjoy, work will wait!

    Xoxo to you & les gang

  8. too too beautiful. and the forget me nots! wow! i love you pairings of flora and fauna

    great news about miss d. yay!

  9. All of the photos are lovely! My heart just burst at the last one though...the kitty under the lilacs! Wishing you many more beautiful days. <3

  10. Such warm pictures Susan -not only are the colours wonderful but they are beautifully textural too.Thank you for sharing your always-interesting surroundings and delightful sweet animals with us.

  11. Ahhh...cats and lilacs in bloom....can it get any better than that? Lvoe all the photos Su,san.

  12. Why would you leave a place where you fit? After all there is more to come where you are.

  13. Not wild about days like that IF i had plans to get stuff done.


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