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Monday, May 18, 2009

love makes the world go round 2 - 8.5x11 collage, gouache & ink

I had a bit of an early morning household calamity yesterday. Sigh. Upon leaving the lands of bubbles and scent and after donning my fleece attire (yes I'm still getting away with my security blanket apparel) and going down stairs to the kitchen to get ready to leave for my walk with Miss D I heard the unmistakable sound of dripping water. Siiiiiggggghhhhh and a few expletives - now this girl feels most of the time like I'm hanging by a thread, that feeling in my chest and throat like I'm going to be going on stage in several hours. It's not that totally wild jacked up anxiousness that you'd feel if you were going on at any minute ... it's the dull, constant anxiety that never totally ramps up but also never seems to go away. The water was dripping from the ceiling underneath the upstairs bath in two places - a broken pipe ? a bad seal ? I wondered if it somehow was related to my draining bathtub although on further inspection (the water did not smell beautifully of Tramp or Blue Skies bubbles). Hmmmm. What to do? What to do? of course I called MLou at 1 800 Got Help ? - but she was out. So I put on my thinkin' cap, and my I'm-a Handy-Gal 'tude ... and sighed a bit more.

After filling as many large receptacles with water as I could (nearly 10) I went into the basement (my least favourite spot in this old house) and turned the water completely off. That'll get ya - ya #@??!!** drip. Yesterday was Sunday and today is Victoria Day here in Canada and thus a long holiday weekend. In these parts it's considered the unofficial beginning of summer and I didn't want to disturb the plumber guy Gordon on a holiday. I plan to call him after lunch today and I'll hope that it's something, some leaky plumbing thing, that's not too big a deal, 'cause ya know mama doesn't feel like she can handle too many big deals right now -now at this time when practically everything already feels like a huge deal. I guess I feel kinda fragile.

I had all this water business pretty much sorted out by 9am. And I managed to have a fairly productive Sunday working on thumbnail drawings for customer No Uno and then in the evening I made these two new collage pieces for my etsy shop while listening to tres loved Rex Murphy and Cross Country Check Up - Peter Loughheed the guest and much about Western Canada and specifically Alberta politics and issues and yet ... shouldda been pretty boring but I enjoyed listening. Lil' nerd girl that I can be.

Fingers crossed that they won't have to totally tear my ceiling apart.

grey, grey day and raining. hooray, hooray

and oh ! the sounds of birds in our gardens this early morning and guess what ? we have a male oriole an unusual guest and not a common backyard bird here in Nova Scotia (although apparently becoming more and more common). I've been plying him with big fat red globe grapes and nailing orange halves to the trees just so he'll be sure to stick around.

joshua - Lil' Art card collage - he's from So Cal.


  1. Susan...your writing is magical!
    I hope you get the leak fixed with no problem!
    ~ Carol ~

  2. Morning Susan - I know exactly that feeling...the low level anxiety that can ramp up with the least little thing. I hope your leak gets fixed quickly and inexpensively, and you can relax and enjoy your oriole. I don't see them as much as I used to here - maybe they've all moved north! :)

  3. Well, of course you'd have a leaking pipe on a holiday's Sod's Law.

    Hope it gets fixed quickly and easily! Don't forget to breathe......

  4. Oh yuck... why can't houses just be maintenance free? I always feel very helpless when anything like that happens.

  5. sometimes I wonder at the parallel course our two lives seem to run. Last night when Katy got out of the shower and turned off the water, it didn't stop dripping. This morning it's running more. I wonder how long it would take to run out my well? Oh well. I've got a call into a plumber. Hope he can make it today.

    I understand that very, very low level anxiety you describe. I know I have that going on now thinking about money in my future.(Will there be any?) Tell me if you find a cure for it!

  6. and check out oriole's happy message here

  7. Susan,

    Oh leaks are yuck...sorry. Hoping all gets fixed with minor repairs needed. Oriole wow havent seen one of them since I was lil. I have a lil cardinal who sings to me every am....Have a good week.

    Sonia ;)

  8. Susan, it is all going to be OK. The plumber will come, diagnose the problem and fix it. You will have all the $$$ you need in order to pay for this little bump along your path to building your massive CE! Slow, deep breaths and positive self-talk. You CAN do this. YOU are in complete control of your own destiny! I am doing the positive affirmations with you!
    What a gift the Oriole is to you. I loved the link you shared! Fairies in the garden! Marvelous!
    This is a joyful day for you!


  9. how cool! i have never seen an oriole! sorry about the dull anxiety -seems its "going around" i know it sell. but i used to not know it at all. it might have something to do with the fact my illustration business dropped to NADA this year.

    good luck with the leak. your plumber is lucky to have such a thoughtful client. or, maybe not. here he would have delighted in charging more for holiday service.

  10. typing challengedMay 18, 2009 at 1:44 PM

    i know it "wel"

  11. We've had to have our house remodeled this past year. And it started out with water. Dripping, exploding, various forms of water encroaching upon places it isn't supposed to be in our abode. Alas, I understand. And I too love the birds in my yard. Good luck with the plumber.

  12. Old pipes. Be careful. I shudder at plumbing dilemmas.

    Sweet deal on the Oriole. I hope there's also a female around. I remember them being a loud bird. And camera shy, dang it all. May you have better luck.

  13. I enjoyed Rex Murphy yesterday,and I have an old house by the sea in Nova Scotia. In the fall the water started to drip. It turned out to be a carpentry issue. The old flashing above two parlour windows was shot. So my condolences. Still I love my old house.

  14. hi...i just found your blog. i LOVE nova scotia! we drive up there often. we always stop in st. andrews. the last time we stayed in a town just before cape breton. and, of course, i can't remember the name. something like....antagonish. there was a university there. what a beautiful area. you might want to have a look at my blog and my special furkid! your dog is so beautiful! joyce

  15. Well, I was over here earlier and blogger must have eaten my comment! I have a leak, too! I think it is a seal on one of the toilets. I didn't turn off the water, but am changing the towel on the floor every few hours until WT gets back to see if he can repair it without calling the plumber.

    I've got my fingers crossed for yours!


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