here we go again

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

8.5x11 gouache, ink collage

Love really does make the world go round.

I sold this piece yesterday. Day 2 of Poppytalk Handmade* - tres encouraging.
I realized I'd sold it late in the day, a day that had been one of those rollercoaster up and down and sideways days. Sigh.

The sun is just up and beginning to pour her early morning golden orange light on the far side of our little harbour, the birds have all been up for hours, the lobster boats are all gently trailing out into the strait on water that's as still as glass and the land of Tramp bubbles and scent is callin' me.

Here we go again.

Bless those yard guys.

* I love that when I open this page (the 29 black street table at poppytalk handmade) the overall feeling I instantly get is ... happy - phew !


  1. Congratulations Susan ~~~ clap clap clap

    Sonia ;)

  2. WhoooHOOOO!! Creative Empire chugging along. Gravy, baby, gravy.

  3. Your stuff looks fabulous on Poppytalk!

  4. Those yard guys are adorable. Much cuter than any of those kid rock bands than all the young girls love!

  5. love the colours on this one.... soft golden and colours....

  6. Susan I like all your work and what you've written on Poppytalk - the page looks great! Congratulations on the sale of another fabulous creation.

  7. I love that one that sold. Keep painting and clipping and everything you do. I also like the one that says "you rock." I am hoping to be able to buy some when that infernal "ship comes in." I think it helps so much to sell something so soon. You are a great artist. Everyone spread the word..."Susan rocks." Whatever that means, I know it is good.

  8. really great work- i'm envious of your many talents!


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