weekend notes

Saturday, May 23, 2009

more pink tulips in setting sunlight

the plumber called Wednesday
I'll have to cut a hole in your ceiling he told me
since then the leak is no longer leaking ?? - assuming the best

I'll pick a huge bouquet of forget-me-nots from the garden today • do more loads of washing and hang them on the line to dry • SPF 30 spray-on sun protection and plenty of bug spray too • will work outside in the garden for a few hours with my yard boys • Miss D and I will hang out in the park later on this evening, it's become our nightly ritual • I might have an ice cream cone - which of course I'll share with Mr Calico Love - Oliver • I'll set up the hammock in the back garden with the birds and make a big jug of lemony iced tea • I'll read a bit more of my current book (a real page turner), perhaps dans les hammock • I'll be thinking about MLou who's spending the weekend out on the seas racing her sailboat with a crew of 4. It's quite windy here this morning (a North wind I was told in the park this morning) so she and her crew should be whooshing along • will tidy my office, do some filing and draw up les plan for next week • I'll draw more thumbnails for customer No Uno while listening to my fav CBC radio shows • change the sugar water in the hummingbird feeder and hammer a few more orange halves to the big tree - my oriole lure • and I will be happy in the moments as they arrive because I am almost always happy in the moment I'm in ... I just forget to be in it and I always get into trouble when I try to swim out to Future or if I wade back into Past.


  1. Now that sounds like a lovely weekend plan!Enjoy it, and hopefully hummingbirds and orioles will join you. How exotic! It's a Bank Holiday here, so of course the good weather isn't holding. Not that it ever warrants SPF 30 up here in the North East...grump grump...

  2. Sounds like a PLAN!!! And it will while away the weekend, accomplishing many little tasks! Thank you for the flowers! Beautiful! Praying for blessings to continue to come your way!


  3. did you say hang clothes on the line to dry??!! oh, you know how i love to see clothes dipping and swaying on a line in the sun!!! your weekend sounds wonderful!

  4. Love you! I have noted all of your ideas, sweet sweet Susan and I am working on them. Keep an eye out for a special post this weekend to update you and the rest of the blog world on some upcoming, fantastic things!

    I am making some new changes to me today, as well. New haircut and color. Ohhhh lala! =)

    Love you tonnes!!! xoxo

  5. This is just absolutely wonderful. I am on my way up there! Could you put up two hammocks, pour my lemony tea, get me a book or two, share your sweet animals, and let me wash all my clothes? This was a soaring post. I loved every word of it, and those tulips are beautiful!!

  6. Oh, the dreaded plumbing woes. We happen to have a house that has been jackhammered five times. Once with us. Unbeknownst to us, apparently there's some ongoing war between our copper pipes underneath the ground and our iron-rich soil, which grinds holes in the pipes. Thus our entire house remodel. (Which could happen again, by the way.) My husband is a doctor and complains that plumbers make more an hour than he does at the hospital. And he's right!

  7. Tulips of my dreams, Susan. I love your "being in the moment" thinking. I hang my clothes outside on the line too but the dogs are sometimes tempted by the fluttering cloth in the breeze. Lovely day! <3

  8. I know just what Brenda means. The worst words you can hear from a plumber are "this could be difficult and expensive".The last home we sold with Brenda's issue was a little sad in that I loved the garden so much, but it was to a developer with a house price offer too good to pass up. I was pleased to not have to equate the words plumber and anxiety together again.Now we are happy renting in a little trouble-free unit.The lease says "no pets" however, so I come here to catch up with the antics of your dear ones. It seems like you may have breathed a sigh of relief with the plumbing problems at Black Street- it seemed a relatively straight-forward job.Now you can enjoy some daydreaming again in the land of bubbles and scent!Thanks dear Susan for your recent visit and comment.xx

  9. I love your take on tulips and life!

  10. utterly adore these tulip shots. Ahhh... puts me in the best mood. You are so talented. I love it.

    Yes, living in thte mo is sooo good. I need to not wade into either the future or past as much asI tend to do either.

    SPF 30 spray-on sun protection --for Canada? Sorry, didn't think you;d need it up there...except for perhaps the glare of snow in winter!


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