Sunday, May 10, 2009

a tiny life No.5 - collage, ink & gouache - 8.5 x 11" *

there is no option but to look forward
with faith in goodness and beauty to come.
because the sorrows are always with us.
our job is to savor the little victories of light and grace;
the gift of a million greens,
fragrant honeysuckle on a cool wind
and the next deep breath of life.


I found this trail of words early this morning over at Chickory.
Words so beautiful and perfect, words I want to feel. Sadness and Heartbreak found their way to her yet again and even still - she speaks to Hope. Hope hides from me but I know this morning I must continue to look for her. I'll look among the little victories of light and grace, or near the million greens that live just under the songs of birds ... because surely that is where I'll find her.

I'll look for Hope in the soft black velvet fur of a Nessie neck where if you scratch just so you'll hear the deep and instant rattly purrs of love and comfort. I'll listen to the charging, racing, clomping sounds of kittens Oliver & Gus making fun of their day and for a few seconds I'll smile and forget my hunt for Hope. I'll smell the wonderful earthy scent, a bit like corn husks, of Miss D's feet and I'll lie down next to her, listen to her breath, tell her I love her and she'll share her Hope with me. She always does.

merci chickory
merci mlou

* a tiny life No. 5 collage available in my etsy shop tomorrow


  1. Chickory is a real dear. I found your link thru her.

    You artwork is fabulous.

    Greetings from the opposite coast of Canada.

  2. What a powerful and yet light offering of hope in life. Thank you for sharing this here...and may you also feel lighthearted and hopeful...just as your posted design creation expresses! Love to you, Susan <3

  3. Those are lovely words. Words to hold on to.

  4. I saw this on Chickory's blog and it took my breath away - such beautiful writing. Amazing. I'm wishing you a little packet of hope today, nestled amongst those marvelous critters of yours.

    Your new piece is wonderful! xox

  5. "Little victories of light and grace." Thank you for reminding us of them.
    I like your "tiny life" concept. A tiny life in a big world makes it more manageable.

  6. im going to buy this piece in honor of Dovey. the tiny life exploding with love. its perfect for the walls at chickory and i will love seeing it's prayerful image each day.

    that you found something at my place that has been helpful to you has brought fresh tears - victory tears. i do believe this has been a hard spring for many of us. and i do call it victory because to vanquish darkness IS a battle requiring fortitude and a never surrender attitude.

    yes i surrendered to the heartache of losing Dovey but the battle will be won as i raise more chicks in defiance of a broad wingspan of shadow that will pass over us again and again; relentless in its nature. let our natures be relentless in brilliant optimism, then.

    love to you.

  7. Hard days for the Mother Hen of Chicory.

  8. delightful new piece and such inspirational words as well.

  9. This is a beautiful post, Susan. I love the art also. I am wondering if I too would like a tiny life? I never think about it that way when I think about the new life. I need a word...a brief description of the life I want to put out into the universe.

    I'm thinkin'.


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