Tuesday, May 26, 2009

lavender and white lilacs in the sunny kitchen window

Be warned - many more flower photographs to come. I think it's safe to say that I love taking photographs and oh the choices of subject matter that abound me now are completely breathtaking. Everywhere I look there's something that catches my eye. There are kittens curled up and kissing or napping in large patches of warm sun, scraggly black girls pose looking always exactly like love and throughout our tangled yard and gardens everywhere blossoms are blooming, sunlight is dappling, and all of the greens that exist are beginning to show off their own distinct flare of hue and shade ... and I do wonder to myself how could I ever leave this place?

Actually I am afraid to leave this place. It feels so safe here. It seems like I fit here.
I'm not confident that I would fit somewhere else. That is my struggle.


  1. Well, I'd say you weren't ready to move yet, but then I would, envious as I am of your wonderful house and location.....

    Lilacs are considered unlucky to bring into the house here, apparently. My friend Annie walked in last year and saw my huge jug of lilac and went white with horror. Naturally, I paid no attention - how could anything so pretty be unlucky? - but I'd like to find out why they should be considered so.

  2. I love your house, your lilacs, your wild garden, and I know it must be so hard to think of leaving them.

  3. Lilacs! Lovely luscious lilacs. Their scent is wonderful. Ours are not as far along as yours.Such fun to see everything busting into bloom:)

  4. My lilacs are only at the just-opened-tiny-bit-of-green-leaf stage ....lucky you. I'll try to show you some when yours are gone. However, I just have one colour..the old fashioned pale colour....I love your dark pinkish colour....

  5. Your Lilacs are lovely Susan!
    These digital cameras have opened our eyes to all that surrounds us haven't they? They make it so easy to capture it all !
    Love to you and les gang!

  6. Susan,
    are you leaving? Fitting in is the unknown..that is the fear not knowing if you would or not. You have fit in fine here in blogland...I believe you could fit in anywhere. Beautiful flowers..

    Sonia ;)

  7. I love that first shot with the deep shadow background. Very much like a dutch still life from the 1700s.

  8. Lovely, almost poignant images. I do the same, wander the world with a camera in hand, looking through a lens to see how it magically changes when singled out. Tis a habit that I've had for over a year now. Not a professional. I'd say I'm a professional lurker, looking for small bits of beauty in unexpected places. I know from your photos that you see them as I do.

  9. Oh, I can almost smell the sweetness from here. Lucky you to have lilacs!

  10. I am SOOOO in love with that first photo!! Whoah! I could never tire of your photography, even if they are all flowers. Seriously. You are THE MASTER of photography, in my opinion. =D

    Here's wishing you a beautiful Tuesday!

    Much love to you and the furry gang! xo

  11. Are you leaving your beloved home?


  12. Glorious! And is that Flo's pitcher I love so much? They're perfect in it!!!

  13. My advice...tidy, fix a bit and stay put....but, that's only my 2 cents...

  14. These are, perhaps, some of your best photos...and that's saying something. The lighting is WOW!!! Great eye.

    I am confident you would do well if you moved too. You are too intriguing not to attract others to you! LOL.


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