DS Sunday No.5

Sunday, May 3, 2009

chien chaud - gourmet-ed up a bit

This week's theme - comfort food... Mama's gotta list a mile long of comfort foods.

Gourmet dogs yummo. Avec les plain potato chips. Heaven.

all beef wiener steamed
white hot dog bun with buttered sides & grilled in a frying pan (a must !)
thick smear of Dijon mustard
fried onions
slices of dill pickle
and delicious homemade *fruit chili sauce

* the best, easy to make condiment ever - from Austen over at Stripey Pebble


  1. I see we passed on the ice cream treat for the luscious grilled hot dog. Excellent choice and I have to agree wholeheartedly that grilling is the best way to enjoy a hotdog. My mouth is watering and now I want to try the fruit chili sauce.
    An excellent Dim Sum Sunday entry.

  2. merci ! B Shamu ! You must !! try the chili sauce this harvest season it's delish on anything & everything.

  3. Yummy!! I need some comfort food this afternoon!! ;0

  4. The fruit chili addition is very interesting and I don't think I've seen it before. Kudos.

    I'm UP with a Hot Brown Sandwich variation.

  5. that sounds so delicious and i'm not even hungry.ok, wait, now i am!!!

  6. What is this, luring me over from that juicy picture on my blogroll, at 10:00 pm?! Yum-O.

  7. That fruit chili sauce just keeps on giving, hey? It's the preserve I'm going through fastest over here. Although strawberry-rhubarb jam on a hotdog doesn't really bear thinking about...

  8. Hotdogs are great comfort food and my kids would eat them all the time if I let them. I love them barbecued with some BBQ sauce on them - fast and easy. And that fruit chilli sauce just keeps on giving. I will have to try and make some of it (I have mason jars kicking around somewhere).

    I also like hotdogs at the ballpark - except on dollar-dog-day. A lot of drunks don't know their limit on dollar dogs and you don't want to be in the Men's Room after the 5th inning if you get my meaning.

    Happy belated DSS!


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